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Back in Black

So it seems that I may be a little dresser happy. Dressers are not just to house clothing you know. My first installment was the subway sign media cabinet.

A few months ago I was thrift store shopping with a friend. My purpose was to purchase a dresser (or two) to rehab for more storage in my condo. I came across this lovely vision in pink (for those of you that know me – I am NOT a fan of pink) and I temporarily named her Princess Pepto. Yeah, you can say it – it’s hideous. All of the pepto bismol pink and rose patterned paper. But I had a vision.

PP did not fit in my car so a friend went and picked her up the next day in her mini van (ha! every time I see the word mini van, in my mind I add “not Cooper” and it’s all Kasey’s fault!).

First step was to remove the top of the unit. It was screwed in at all four corners through the top. That was OK as I really want to replace the top with a nice piece of sanded and stained wood or granite (it helps my sister is an interior designer and can source these things for me).

Next step was to removed the contact paper on the inside and outside of the drawers (yes someone actually stuck rose patterened contact paper on wood – the horror). The paper on the inside came up in about five minutes. The paper on the outside took the equivalent of a full day with the help of a bottle of wallpaper remover (and some wine).









After I removed the contact paper and wiped it down I got out my trusty palm sander and went to town on her. A friend was over and inspecting my piece and he told me it was actually probably a lower kitchen cabinet and not a dresser. Further proof is the sheet rock attached to the back.

The hardware I chose for this piece had holes spaced slightly closer together than the holes in the existing piece. I plugged the holes with some dowel and wood glue (at the suggestion of the same friend) and procedeed to paint her with two coats of Onyx Black in high gloss by Behr.

The hardware was super easy to put on, even for a novice with a drill like me (not gonna lie, sometimes I am intimidated by power tools). I measured carefully and was able to get all of my hardware put on in about an hour one evening.

I am not calling this project completely finished as I still need a new top and hinges for the door. But for now it’s serviceable and holds all of my sewing and craft items. The third and final installment of my dresser fetish is sitting in my bedroom and I will share with you soon.


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>May Ramblings

>Hello blogger peeps!
I really feel bad for not posting a lot lately.  I just havn’t had much going on.  My couch slipcover is in stall mode until I can have a weekend free of plans to tackle sewing the slipcover which I spent three hours pinning as well as the back and seat cushions.

I’m excited about a few things though.  I was a little premature but updated my sidebar for some of our debt.  It’s not official or anything but this month we will have not one but two cars paid off.  The ironic thing about this is neither of them are driveable.  How crazy is that?  We are using our tax return to pay off our old daily driver my 1999 Subaru Forester which just went through engine number two and is sitting waiting for the title so we can sell it to someone who wants it for parts (car universe, please grant my wish).  That will be paid this Friday.  Our last payment to my dad for our 1987 Porsche will be a week later.  Problem is it needs a little bit of work to make it driveable. 

We got our new to us Saab back last Friday after it needing a new engine (what is it with us and engines?).  The dealership paid to have a used one with less miles put in.  We had only owned it less than 48 hours when that debacle happened.  I’m really liking the Saab.  It’s super comfortable with leather seats, dual climate control (front and back), heated seats all around (the SK’s are loving that!), a sun roof (oh how I missed that), a killer stereo system, hand controls on the steering wheel for the stereo and more.  This is more C’s car than mine so I will bide my time and save my pennies until I can get this…

I’m not gonna lie.  I kinda dig the racing stripes.  Never thought I would say that.  I DON’T dig the four fog lights on the front of this one and I would certianly love a sunroof too.  This car is so me.  Grey is my go to color in so many ways lately.  We painted the living, dining and hallway of our condo in grey.  Our Saab is silver with grey interior and I want me a grey mini cooper!

By the end of the month I will have put $950 on CC # 4 which is scheduled to be paid off in July.  In fact, all of our credit cards should be paid off by year end.  Yee Haw!  Once that happens I can relax and plan a real vacation.  A vacation to somewhere like Hawaii or Mexico.  Pretty much anyplace full of sun where I can stick my toes in the sand, drink fruity drinks with little umbrellas and relax.

I am starting a career development class in 13 days (yes I am counting) that I am super excited about.  I have a big birthday coming up at the end of July.  I am contemplating going here for the Saturday before my birthday.  Wine and Yurts, what more could a girl ask for?  They have a spa too!

The Yurts featuer King sized beds, sky dome in the center of the roof, private bath, refrigerator, iPod docking station, sitting area, patio deck, wifi and vineyard or river gorge view.

Meanwhile, I am totally addicted to this design blog House Tweaking.  Dana and her husband just bought a new (to them) house.  They have decided to downsize so she can stop working and take care of their two boys full time.  The new house is lovingly named The Underdog.  It’s a mess they are remodleing while still living in their old house that is for sale.  I am really intrigued by this because my husband and I are looking at three years until his youngest graduates from high school.  One of our ideas is to buy or build a small open floor plan house. 

Another is to sell our condo and live in an Airstream trailer like this guy (Apartment Therapy is so cool!). 

Buying a rambler we could make our own is certainly something we consider.  We are thinking of moving to a warmer climate so the house buying may possibly be put on hold for a few years.  When I look at photos online of houses for sale in my area I really try to look past the old cruddy kitchen cabinets and hideous flooring to see the potential for the four walls I am considering.  Watching Dana and her husband as they turn their Underdog in to the home of their dreams will be certain inspiration and a great guide.

Speaking of addictions, I am currently adddicted to the TV show Supernatural.  We borrowed season one from our neighbor.  Right now we are on season two which we have to get from Netflix via DVD (how old school) since it’s not streaming.

Today was a nice sunny day here in the greater Seattle area.  It got to 60 at least.  I am so ready for the grey gloomy days of winter (and even spring) to be gone.  One thing about our area is even when it’s warm during the day it cools off at night unless you are in eastern Washington or it’s August.

Well, I have rambled enough.  Hope you all are well and more more consistent posting coming soon.  Like the reveal of my slipcovered couch!

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>Amazing Rehabed Building!

>An article from the New York Times has me dreaming of finding a great old building I can make my own.

It has taken a total of $250,000 of the owners money to purchase and partially refurbish this old building in Selma. When can I move in?

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>Junk Is The New Black

>I am on a constant quest to turn our little plane jane condo in to something absolutely fabulous. Alas, we have Champagne dreams on a Budweiser budget. Maybe that is why I have always loved and been drawn to old and quirky things. My design style would be considered eclectic. I love classic furnishings with a twist.

I love the idea of reclaiming old items and repurposing them in to new things. That is the idea behind the new trend in decorating with junk.
The first JunkMarket book; Decorating JunkMarket Style features great design ideas and step by step instructions on how to make some of the items with easy to find cast offs. You can get more inspiration from Junk at their website, JunkMarketStyle.

I love this dining area below. It’s cozy and there are TONS of junking options here. A bird cage turned in to overhead lighting. I have a round table in my living room and would love to pull it closer to the wall. However, with the layout of that room and the dresser I use as a bar it has to stay in the middle. I am on the lookout for new dining chairs as mine are wood and not comfy to sit in for long periods of time. I do like the lighting and may utilize that when I create my outdoor dining space.

The only items needed to make this lamp were the frame of a large beach umbrella, a lighting kit and a lampshade. I really love the side table made from an old piece of luggage and part of a childs wheeled cart. I could totally utilize both of these ideas in my current living space. I even have a piece of luggage that looks almost exactly like this one.

The second book in the Junk saga is Junk Beautiful: Room By Room Makeovers With JunkMarket Style. The photo below is a teenage bedroom of the daugheter to one half of the JunkMarket createive team, Su Whitney. I love the colors and the ladder behind the bed with a clip on lamp for reading. The hubs and I are going to make a headboard out of an old door. We are on the lookout for the perfect lighting since we want to eliminate our bedside tables.

Who couldn’t pass up these nesting tables made fom picture frames and table legs?

A boy scout neckerchief inspired the colorway for this junky bathroom. Reclaimed wood makes up the wainscoting. I love the little shelf for extra towels. Something I can utilize in my own bathroom. I have an old wooden crib that was my mothers. I am hoping to use one of the ends to make in to a towel holder.

A third book: Junk Beautiful Outdoor Edition features a camping bed made from a picnic table and your favorite linens, a hanging bed and a little Christmas bling.

Another junk maven and the original half of JunkMarket is Ki Nassauer. She moved on to start Junk Revolution. Check out her blog Junk Camp.

It’s so easy to walk by items at a yard sale or thrift store and not see the hidden potential in them. I am constantly trying to find new ways to use things. The ambience of a comfy cozy retreat is what I am going for. Must be pet freindly too! That is why I turned my grandmothers old suitcase in to a dog bed for BJ.

Take for example Gerard Butler’s New York loft featured in Architectural Digest this month. All of the living areas; kitchen, dining, living, media and entry are one big space. Walls look like old plaster. Open beams as well as pipes in the ceiling can be seen and add to the industrial feel of the space. Reclaimed wood on the kitchen cabints. Leather, brocade and velvet furnishings that look old and a little bit worn. Love those huge windows!

How can you not love the drama of not one, not two but THREE chandeliers over the dining table? I’ll take one in minature for my bathroom please.

The media space below is one of two living areas. The screen rolls up in to the housing and the projector is mounted from an exposed beam. No need to worry about cords getting in your way. He must have outlets in the floor to accomodate his lamps. They are on but I don’t see teltale cords. Brilliant!

I look at these photos and can’t help but think how much writing I would get done at a desk in this den. You can see it just peeking through the arched doorway.

I love the mishmash of styles throughout the spaces and the colors are gorgeous. Peacock blue, burnt orange, eggplant, olive, chocolate…. The plush peacock pillows on the bed – to die for!

I guess something like this is bound to happen when you have a Production Designer craft your living space.

Now I look around my interior spaces as I am so inspired to achieve this look. I think I can too, even on a small budget. I am not afraid of color. My kitchen is pomegranite, my dining room is olive, my bedroom is peacock blue. The living room is the lightest color in the house – mocha. That is only because there is not a lot of light in this room and I don’t want it to feel too dark.

I am on a mission!


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