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Foodie For Thought – Thanksgiving

I’m one of those people that can be happy with a meal of a good glass of wine (or beer), some yummy h’ordeuvres and good company/conversation. I value the friendships I have and the people in my life – some are new and some have been around the block a few times with me.  This Thanksgiving is definitely little different.

  • It’s my first in 11 years as a single person.
  • It’s my first without my dad (I miss him terribly).
  • It’s my first (in 12 years) without my family.

I am grateful to have excellent friends who have supported me throughout the last 7 months. It’s been a rough road and I have had MANY challenges. This holiday season has been OK so far, it’s hard without my dad and the traditions I have relied on (and sometimes complained about) for years.

This year I returned to my old place of employment, I have made some special new friends and I have let some friends go. I hope my friends and family know how much I care about and love them.

Someone who has become a good friend is Jess, I am going to her house for my Thanksgiving meal and I am contributing two yummy recipies for the feast.

First up is Carmelized Onion and Blue Cheese Bites and the second is Brie and Fig Jam Bites. Who can say no to puff pastry, gooey cheese, yummy rosemary, blue cheese and fig jam? Just add wine!

I’m not a big fan of New Years resolutions but I am so ready to rock 2013 I may just change my mind on that. I am ready for a new chapter in my life. I don’t need to dwell on the past any longer. It served it’s purpose as a lesson and I am moving full steam ahead!

Watch out world!


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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!




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Vintage Holiday Gift Tags

Every year I come up with a new theme for wrapping my holiday gifts. This year is no exception. For the past few years I have resorted to plain brown craft paper and hemp twine. A sample of last years gifts is below. I think the actual wrapping was left over paper from a move. You know, the kind that they wrap your breakables in? The little tag with the burlap and crystal I also have on my tree as ornaments. I like the old fashioned parcel feel for wrapping. Conveniently it goes with my Christmas color pallete of burlap, cream, brown & grey.

I am in love with old fashioned luggage tags. A couple years ago I picked up a couple tins of reproduction tags. I scanned them in to my computer, printed them out and ran them through my Xyron machine to make them in to stickers. This year I applied them to card stock and made them in to gift tags. The perfect compliment to my packaging that won’t make me go postal.

I love the colors used in the tags. They give the perfect vintage feel to my holiday gifts. The great part is I still have the original stickers & scans so I can use them over and over again. The other thing I love is they are so versatile. They could be used for any type of gift throughout the year (sorry for the photo quality – used my camera phone as my digital died – Santa are you listening?).

This tag below is for my brother-in-law. Sorry M, the girl doesn’t come with the gift.

My niece and nephew each get an ornament as part of their gift tag. Who can resist the sock monkey?

Something I read in a magazine a few years ago stuck in my head. Stock up on rolls of paper and ribbon in your signature color and you will always have something to wrap a gift in. Conveniently, rolls of brown craft paper and hemp twine are easy to store away, available year round and not very expensive. What sort of gift tags and wrapping do you use?

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>2011 Bring It


It seems the trend for New Years Resolutions is chosing one word that represents your focus for the coming twelve months. I thought that was actually a pretty powerful way to keep your focus. I have been trying to think of my word for 2011 and its been something of a struggle.

For 2010 I used the idea of Simplify which is a word that served me well over the last year. My husband and I purged a lot of the “stuff” we just don’t need. We have not completed purging but it has become something we identify with more than it was a year ago. This is evidenced in the way I decorated for Christmas this year. A tree, simple stockings and a few other festive items around the house.

I am still working on my word for 2011 and hope to have it tomorrow. For now I leave you with something simple that brings me joy every day.

The CUTEST dog in the world! Happy New Year!

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>13 Days….

>Threre is 13 days until Christmas and I feel VERY far behind. I have been working at leat 50 + hours a week between my new and old jobs. That doesn’t leave very much time for anything – not to mention blogging.

I have ordered a few gifts online which is nice, no waiting in line, no crowds, no parking hassles. I have not even gotten my Christmas decorating done. I did cut out our stockings Friday night. Might start sewing them tonight.

All this week after I get home from work I will be going through all of our Christmas decorations and decluttering down to what we need and will use. There are quite a few things that I just don’t use anymore.

I am not traditional when it comes to Christmas decor. I tend to decorate to coordinate colors with my interior decor. Because of the lateness of the month I am probably going to be pretty minimal as well.

My big dilemma this year is to get a fake tree, a real one or a tree at all. Home Depot has great selections of 6 foot trees for $20. There is also a lot near my house that has reasonable prices. I am very tempted to buy a prelit fake tree so all I have to do is haul it out of it’s bag and place some ornaments on it.

Then I think I should go really non traditional and get something small and set it on top of some old suitcases I have or just forgo a tree completely.

So many decisions, so little time.

For now I leave you with the link to the Holiday Home Link Party for inspiration and perusal. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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>Happy Turkey Day!


Have a wonderfula holiday weekend!

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>Holiday With Matthew Mead

>It’s never too soon to think about the Holidays in my opinion. When I think of Holidays it starts with Halloween and goes through until New Years.

The specific Holiday we are talking about is Christmas and Matthew Mead’s site is hosting a give away from one of my favorite bloggers, Brooklyn Limestone. Click here for the giveaway.

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