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>F is for Freedom?

>Wow, hi there.

Life has been pretty crazy around here.

For a while now, things have not been going well at my job.  This is the job I was not looking for.  This is the job that was supposed to be such a great opportunity for me.  This is the job that was going to allow me to pay off my credit cards – FAST!

I have not been enjoying this job and I definitely feel this is not the place for me.  I have felt trapped because I am not in the position to quit due to our finances. 

Today I have a paid day off as yesterday I was “let go”. 

It’s a weird situation though.  Essentially my company is allowing me to choose my end date.  They asked if I would like to work for a few more weeks while I look for a new job and would accommodate any interviews I get lined up. 

I’ll take it.

So today I spent lounging around at home doing whatever I pleased.  I made bruchetta for brunch and got caught up on blog reading while lounging in my new jersey dress from Old Navy that arrived yesterday in the mail.  I may even have a glass of white wine that arrived in the mail today from my wine club.

I did look for a new job too…..

So now what?  I can’t say I didn’t think this possibility wouldn’t happen.  I was preparing for it and socking away money in savings – when I could have been paying off my credit cards.  The end date I am choosing will allow me to get paid two more times not counting the paycheck this Friday. That will allow me to put an additional $2000 in savings.  I will be able to collect unemployment if I can’t find something new by then.

I’m actually pretty optimistic.  I have other things to keep me busy right now.  I’m taking this great class on reorienting my career (don’t laugh) and I couldn’t be taking it at a better time.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that I started a production company with two friends I met on the set of the award winning indie film I worked on?  We held our first auditions last Monday and the second auditions will be Saturday July 2.  We have a Kickstarter video planned to raise the money we need to shoot our project which is scheduled for a weekend in August. 

So not entirely freaking out here and am wondering what the universe has in store for me.  I’m thinking positive and have great references lined up.  It’s summer and I plan to enjoy it as much as possible.

We got our car back last night too – it had issues for the second time and the dealership covered it all – huge sigh of relief there.

So universe – throw me a bone will ya?


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>A Raise!

>Yesterday when I got back to work, the director of my department asked me to come in to his office. Good news he says. I got a 7% raise for basically kicking but the past year and working my tush off.

I do have plans to eventually not work at a J. O. B. but in the mean time, this takes the sting out of it.



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>Practise the Art of Simplicity

>A post on Unclutterer today caught my eye. The idea that you can practise something as opposed to being 100% good at something all the time.

That is something that I am trying to be better about. I am almost decluttering my house but if I don’t keep up the practise of taking care of the ways that clutter can slip in yo my life I will be back at where I started.

I am practising things like folding my clothing and putting it right away or in the laundry instead of tossing it over something. Admittedly I no longer have anything piled up in my bedroom that I can toss things on. C has a valet that I think invites clutter.

I need to be better about practising (even remembering) eating leftovers in the fridge before they go bad. I have decided that a certain shelf should hold the leftovers and once its full its time to eat that stuff rather than make more stuff.

I am practising cleaning up after meals or projects or just upkeep on chores so I don’t have to dedicate my entire weekend to cleaning the kitchen and bathroom and doing laundry. I would much rather spend a weeknight on something like that and enjoy my weekends.

I am practising keeping a to do list and actually crossing items off. Once projects are done not going back and messing it up again. Getting things clean and keeping them organized are way easier than fighting piles every day. I feel much saner for it.

I am practising putting small amounts of money away every month and extra amounts on credit card balances. This builds up our savings and pays down our debt faster. Soon we will have no credit card debt and a lovely amount in our savings account.

I look around my house and its so nice to see how its coming along and how close we are to being done and just enjoying things.

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>Absolute Necessities

>I have been on a decluttering binge for many years now. I aquire less and less and it seems to me that I am ready to give up more and more.

The past couple of weeks the hubs and I have made more of an effort on finishing our condo projects. We painted the living room and the walls above the wainscoting in the bathroom. We bought more baseboard molding to finish off the living room. A trip to IKEA is in our future for many of these DVD shelfs and this leather couch. When we painted the living room we only put items back in that we needed. That meant a recliner we do use all the time but just really clutters up the room is going away.

I am the first person to look at something and think “how can I reuse this in another way”. I had briefly decided that recliner (it looks like a wing chair) would work great in a corner of the dining room as a reading nook. (Photo below is not the actual chair but close to ours and lighter blue – you get the idea).

This is where I get in to trouble. Suddenly I am all about the reading nook and less about the rest of the dining room that needs finishing. Not to mention the living and bathrooms that have unfinished projects we started working on. All I can picture is lazy afternoons reading in the chair by the garden window, sipping my coffee with a blanket tucked around me. Never mind that in order to have those lazy Saturday afternoons, I need to finish the living, dining, bath and master bedrooms.

Instead, we are selling the chair. Pairing down. Perhaps in the future we will have a reading nook. If so, we will look for the appropriate chair at that time. At least this way I have not gotten distracted from finishing my current projects. Cause the dining table and chairs need to be sanded and painted – so they match. I think that is a little more important than a reading nook (which still requires us getting our old PC unhooked and the shelf it sits on taken down).
I have always been “afraid” of dead space in a room. In the past I have always filled my rooms with probably more than they needed. I always worry if there will be enough seating when I have a party, or Christmas morning when the relatives come over. You know, I have stopped worrying about those things because I am tired of living in clutter just to be prepared for those few days a year where I need to have more than my immediate family in my living room.
I have learned the hard way to start with good basics and build from there. I never had the money for good basics so I bought or inherited the basicas and built on top of them. We are getting back to basics.


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>Our Computer Died


Last night I turned on the computer to warm it up since its a little slow and takes a bit in otder to get online. After stopping at my neighbors to get my dog and chatting for a bit I came back down to see that I still could not get online.

Everything works on the stupid computer but it is unable to get online due to some network card. The computer is 3 1/2 years old and I was hoping to keep it a little longer before needing to replace it. This is also probably why we are unable to use our Roku to stream from Netflix to our TV.

The hubs and I have been wanting to get two laptops and eliminate the computer all together since we don’t have a lot of room in our place we had to reserve one corner of our dining room for the computer. With laptops we can get rid of the temporary setup we have there and just put a cabinet to store things like the external drive, printer, etc.

We are shopping around and will end up buying some sort of laptop by the weekend. My husband is selling a car (hopefully tonight) so a portion of that money will be used for the laptop purchase.

Until then we can’t get online unless we go to our neighbors or I do it at work.

Ug! So very inconvenient.

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>September Wrap Up and October Goals

>I don’t know about you but when we turn the corner in to September I am ready for my “New Year”. A change in the weather and one of my favorite holidays is in October.

Income – $4116.19 (paychecks)
Coffee – $127.67 (up $26.98 and $77.67 over budget)
Eating Out – $36.65 (down $100.65)
Groceries – $397.91 (down $8.81 and $197.91 over budget)
Gas – $152.79 (down $60.30 and $12.79 over budget)
Save $50 ($150 under budget)

The goals we had for September were…

  • Pay off major CC’s from August usage – epic failure
  • Save $200 – nope 1/4 of that
  • Follow grocery ($200), coffee ($50) and gas ($140) budget – epic fail
  • Start working out two more days a week with Wii fit and Jillian Michaels – epic fail
  • Drink at least four glasses of water a day – fail
  • Continue on eating at least five servings of fruits/veggies a day – check
  • Start taking a multi vitimin – fail
  • Finish baseboard molding in main part of house (purchased without using CC’s) – check (and I used power tools to install it too!)
  • Paint living room – fail
  • Install tile on hearth – fail
  • Finish SD’s Tabi Socks for Christmas – check
  • Complete at least five knitted ornaments – completed one
  • Refinance condo – in process

So goals for October….

  • Reduce CC balances by $336 (minimums plus extra)
  • Save $150
  • Follow grocery ($200), coffee ($50) and gas ($140) budget
  • Add one more workout day a week using Wii fit or Jillian Michaels DVD
  • Make better effort on drinking four glasses of water a day
  • Limit coffee (Starbucks) purchases to Sundays only
  • Continue on eating at least five servings of fruits/veggies a day
  • Actually take a daily multi vitimin
  • Paint living room
  • Install tile on hearth & possible mantle
  • Start SS’s fingerless gloves
  • Complete at least three knitted ornaments
  • Finish refinancing condo
  • Blog at least fifteen times this month

What I have discovered with goal setting is that if you don’t have your goals in front of you it’s so easy NOT to achieve them. Every day when I head out to work I have a couple instances when I am tempted to swing in to a Starbucks. Its such a habit I have to make a conscious effort NOT to go. Even when I get to work I can easily walk to a Starbucks for my coffee. I know that if I make it past 11 o’clock I am probably good.

I admit it. I am a coffee snob and I am not a fan of drip which we have in endless supply at work. I do have a couple canisters of flavored international coffees in my desk that I just need to add water too and I have been trying to stick to that instead. Today was the first day of a new month and NO STARBUCKS WAS HAD!

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>Little Update

>I apologize I have not been more of an active blogger of late. Just a quick update.

I got a call from my bank today. They are running a promotion right now. I was entered in to a drawing and won $100. It’s not a lot but every little bit helps! Right now my e-fund goal is only $1000. I’m still following the Dave Ramsey plan of getting to that point and then focusing on debt reduction.

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