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Subway Sign

Several months ago I saw this post by Mrs. Limestone and I knew I had to recreate this project in my house somewhere. As the months went by I suddenly realized I had the perfect piece. Sitting in the storage closet off the patio was a dresser used to store gardening equipment and small tools. It was missing a drawer but that just made it all the more enticing for what I had in mind.

Over the Labor Day weekend I got the dresser out of the storage unit and emptied the drawers. I sanded it down with a palm sander and got to work painting it in Behr’s Black Suede which looks more like a Charcoal grey but I like it. A lovely friend let me borrow his drill and I was able to put a hole in the back of the dresser for power cord access.

I painted the drawers white and then added sticky vinyl backed letters in two sizes. Originally I had thought about putting stops from London, Paris and Rome but stuck with London to go with the other artwork in my living room.

I did sneak in a silly one – can you find it?

A neighbor came over this evening and helped me get my TV off the wall mounting bracket and on to the base. The top shelf area has my Blue Ray player, Wii, modem, router and a basket for my remotes. All of my DVD’s fit in the three drawers and I have room to grow. This allowed me to eliminated a shelf the DVD’s were previously sitting on.

Being non tech savvy, one thing that helped me was to label all of the cords and where they go before I unplugged them. I added my signature paisley to plump up my couch.

I am imensly pleased with this project. It makes me just a little giddy. Living room almost complete. Would like a rug and need to tile my hearth and bulk up my mantle.


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Meet Penelope

For most of my life I have wanted a dress form. Not necessarily to use to make clothing for myself although I have been sewing for most of my life. No I just want one to hang out in my house. Maybe I would use it for a valet or maybe I would dress it up for the holidays. Whatever the case, I asked for one for Christmas and I got one and her name is Penelope.

The local Hobby Lobby had this girl above. While the black and white pattern is fine, I really wanted a muslin one but I was not going to fork over $700 for it like the one below from Restoration Hardware.

The cool thing about the dress form I got is how reasonably priced it was. My plan is to make my own muslin cover for her. In fact, I could make several different covers if I wanted to just for fun. The muslin cover will be an upcoming project.

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Vintage Holiday Gift Tags

Every year I come up with a new theme for wrapping my holiday gifts. This year is no exception. For the past few years I have resorted to plain brown craft paper and hemp twine. A sample of last years gifts is below. I think the actual wrapping was left over paper from a move. You know, the kind that they wrap your breakables in? The little tag with the burlap and crystal I also have on my tree as ornaments. I like the old fashioned parcel feel for wrapping. Conveniently it goes with my Christmas color pallete of burlap, cream, brown & grey.

I am in love with old fashioned luggage tags. A couple years ago I picked up a couple tins of reproduction tags. I scanned them in to my computer, printed them out and ran them through my Xyron machine to make them in to stickers. This year I applied them to card stock and made them in to gift tags. The perfect compliment to my packaging that won’t make me go postal.

I love the colors used in the tags. They give the perfect vintage feel to my holiday gifts. The great part is I still have the original stickers & scans so I can use them over and over again. The other thing I love is they are so versatile. They could be used for any type of gift throughout the year (sorry for the photo quality – used my camera phone as my digital died – Santa are you listening?).

This tag below is for my brother-in-law. Sorry M, the girl doesn’t come with the gift.

My niece and nephew each get an ornament as part of their gift tag. Who can resist the sock monkey?

Something I read in a magazine a few years ago stuck in my head. Stock up on rolls of paper and ribbon in your signature color and you will always have something to wrap a gift in. Conveniently, rolls of brown craft paper and hemp twine are easy to store away, available year round and not very expensive. What sort of gift tags and wrapping do you use?

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>Halloween Art & Inspirtion

>First of all, did you check out the CSI Project yesterday for amazing Halloween ideas? This is how I got three items for my Halloween art project below.

So far the only decor in my living room is my mantle. I felt like I needed a little more. I have a blank wall that was just begging for something to be hung on it. The best part? It was totally free!

I already had the three picture frames and burlap. All I needed to do was print out the free wall art, place it in the frame, back with burlap, close it all up and hang it.

I found BOO at Anders Ruff and the Subway Art and Eat, Drink and be Scary at Craftily Ever After.

Thanks to these two lovely ladies, I have great Halloween wall art for the cost of ink. There are soome GREAT inpirations out there in blog land too.

And so much more. I urge you to go to the CSI Project, there are over 200 entires/ideas just waiting to be discovered!


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>Christmas Shopping Has Started!

>This year the hubs and I decided to get the kids their own iPods. We settled on the 1 gig Shuffle due to total cost and were happy to hear that they were on sale at Target for $45 each. They hold up to 240 songs and are so tiny! They were out of all colors so we got two silver ones.

A couple days ago I finished the first sock of a pair of Tabi socks for SD. I originally planned on giving them last Christmas but did not get them completed in time. The pattern was from the book Not Just More Socks.

I’m starting the second sock tonight and hope to finish them by the end of the month. The kids come back for two weeks on Sunday so I will have to knit in the car on the way to work and on my lunch hour to meet that deadline.

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>Last Friday we were able to put $42 of mad money in our savings account. Total for the month so far, $110 and we are only half way through. Also, we have spent right around $20 on coffee. Normally by this time of the month we would be closer to $100. Cutting our grocery budget in half has actually been pretty easy and that has allowed for more money available for extra debt payments and savings.

I accomplished a few things around the house this weekend that I had wanted to do for a while. I finally made an outfit I bought fabric for last summer and I seeded the bare spots in my backyard. Now I just have to vigilant with watering for the next couple weeks so the grass will grow. I had planned to plant my topsy turvey as I thought they provided you with seeds but you actually have to buy a plant so I still have to do that. I think Roma tomatoes – yum!

An interesting development in the world of personal finance. My parents have offered us a loan. I heard low interest and my husband heard no interest. In any event, we would still have the debt but we would save money in a minimum payment every month. Our credit score will go up and our debt to income ratio will go down. We will be able to take advantage of the low interest rates right now and refinance our condo to get out from under the interest only loan. We still plan on paying the loan off earlier than the five year agreement but this will first allow us to sock some money away in savings for emergencies which is something we have not had in a while.

They also offered us a week of their time share so we can finally take a honeymoon vacation next year. We plan on going somewhere warm and we think aside from airfare and car rental we should be able to be pretty frugal on the trip as we will have a condo with a kitchen to cook in.

Need to hustle after work all week to get ready for a yard sale this weekend!

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>Mystery Project

>The weekend was spent relaxing and I did not get my mystery patio project started. I had budgeted $10 for this and discovered I may have everything I need at home which means no expense! I pulled together all of the items tonight so I can start working on it tomorrow.

What do you think I am going to do with six panels (two yards each) of silk sari fabric, a half dozen garden steaks and a handful of cup hooks? The photo above doesn’t give the best representation of color. From top to bottom I have a dusty purple, turquoise, dark celery green, light celery green, midnight blue and pewter.

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