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Reversal – The Short Film

For the past several months I have been focused on a project.  A couple friends of mine and I started a production company.  We are focussed on making films with women in thought provoking roles.

Picture if you will, a man wakes up behind the wheel of a car with no memory, a gun, and a woman in his trunk. The story that unfolds is full of intrigue as the mystery unravels….

Curious?  Click on the link here and share on your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages!

For a treat, here are some behind the scenes photos from our shoot a few weeks ago.

Above is our lead actor, Ben Andrews talking to MC our weapons wrangler.  Don’t worry, the gun was not loaded and never pointed at anyone.

On the set, a road less traveled with a beautiful canopy of trees overhead.  Our lead actor Ben is changing the tire for the scene and our lead actress Trin Miller is standing by.  Walking towards the camera is our DP Chris Taylor and other crew members Adam Gehrke (Audio), Wll Rosenberg (PA), Richard Williams (Gaffer) and David Preston (Director).

Above are Rick Walters and Ben sitting at a local bar for our flashback scene.  The owner of the bar was super accomodating to let us use the space.  We had a few local patrons in the scene as well.

Ben and Trin are working out some choregraphy for a fight scene with our fight choregrapher Kevin Farrow in the background.  So glad they used those pads for this scene as we used our car.  Chris our DP is getting ready for the shot.

I had mentioned a few months ago I was looking for a career change and I think I have found it.  My finance background is coming in handy with this new venture so I serve as the Finance Director of our company.  I get to learn so much about the day to day film making process.  My partners are amazing, Jenn is an event producer which comes in handy as the Communications and Logistics Director and Catherine is a composer and she serves as the Creative Director.

Please help us raise our profile on IndieGogo by clicking on the link above.  We have seven days to raise the remaining $1529 we need for post production so we can submit our short to the Sundance Film Festival.


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Reversal: our independent short-film, take a peak!

Hello Blogging World!
As I have been hinting at for some time now,  I recently started a film production company with two colleagues.  We connected on the set of The Book of Zombie in 2007 and we all share a BIG passion for film.
We currently have 4 projects in various stages of development and are commencing principal photography on our first short-film, Reversal, in August. Very exciting times! As Orson Welles once said, “A writer needs a pen, a painter needs a brush, but a filmmaker needs an army.” And we’re recruiting!
To finance Reversal, we’re using a dynamic funding platform called IndieGogo. By clicking on the link below, you can follow us on our filmmaking journey-
If you haven’t heard of IndieGoGo, it is a new way to fund and follow creative projects around the world. Click here for more fun facts about the IndieGogo process-
We’d love any kind of support you can throw our way! Good vibrations are just as welcome as cash :). Although we certainly do need some coinage to get this bad boy funded! And if you’d like to help us financially, but have been feeling the squeeze as of late, you can become an Associate Producer by simply spreading the word. If you refer your friends to IndiegGogo and combined they donate $500 or more, you become an Associate Producer. You’ll get a credit as such in the film AND on IMDB once we’re accepted into an accredited film festival.
How cool is that? Drop me a line at for more details on the same.
And if you’re interested in financing the film as an Executive Producer or Senior Executive Producer, please let me know. Leah, Jenn and I would be happy to connect with you to discuss the film in more detail.
Thanks so much for taking the time to check us out. Your support means the world to me. I appreciate it and you.
Feel free to forward along and help get the word out to anyone you may think interested. You can “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and read about us on our blog.

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>F is for Freedom?

>Wow, hi there.

Life has been pretty crazy around here.

For a while now, things have not been going well at my job.  This is the job I was not looking for.  This is the job that was supposed to be such a great opportunity for me.  This is the job that was going to allow me to pay off my credit cards – FAST!

I have not been enjoying this job and I definitely feel this is not the place for me.  I have felt trapped because I am not in the position to quit due to our finances. 

Today I have a paid day off as yesterday I was “let go”. 

It’s a weird situation though.  Essentially my company is allowing me to choose my end date.  They asked if I would like to work for a few more weeks while I look for a new job and would accommodate any interviews I get lined up. 

I’ll take it.

So today I spent lounging around at home doing whatever I pleased.  I made bruchetta for brunch and got caught up on blog reading while lounging in my new jersey dress from Old Navy that arrived yesterday in the mail.  I may even have a glass of white wine that arrived in the mail today from my wine club.

I did look for a new job too…..

So now what?  I can’t say I didn’t think this possibility wouldn’t happen.  I was preparing for it and socking away money in savings – when I could have been paying off my credit cards.  The end date I am choosing will allow me to get paid two more times not counting the paycheck this Friday. That will allow me to put an additional $2000 in savings.  I will be able to collect unemployment if I can’t find something new by then.

I’m actually pretty optimistic.  I have other things to keep me busy right now.  I’m taking this great class on reorienting my career (don’t laugh) and I couldn’t be taking it at a better time.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that I started a production company with two friends I met on the set of the award winning indie film I worked on?  We held our first auditions last Monday and the second auditions will be Saturday July 2.  We have a Kickstarter video planned to raise the money we need to shoot our project which is scheduled for a weekend in August. 

So not entirely freaking out here and am wondering what the universe has in store for me.  I’m thinking positive and have great references lined up.  It’s summer and I plan to enjoy it as much as possible.

We got our car back last night too – it had issues for the second time and the dealership covered it all – huge sigh of relief there.

So universe – throw me a bone will ya?

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>Green Means Go!

>I’m really excited.

Over the past couple months I have had a project in development.  It’s getting traction and gaining momentum.

I started a production company with two gals I met on the set of the independent film I worked on a few summers ago. 

We recevied almost 20 screenplay submissions and found two we really love which we have optioned.  Our first project will start filming in late August.  It’s a short film but we thought it had potential to be made in to a trilogy which the screenwriter loved.  So, she is going to work on developing two more scripts.

Now down to the nitty gritty of casting actors (only two), location scouting (we think we have a place already), getting crew (this is low budget so free is a good thing), finding the equipment we need (currently we don’t have any) and getting funding ($$$).

We have a twitter and FB page and will probably use Kickstarter for help in fund raising.  Stay tuned, more updates to come!

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