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Foodie For Thought – Thanksgiving

I’m one of those people that can be happy with a meal of a good glass of wine (or beer), some yummy h’ordeuvres and good company/conversation. I value the friendships I have and the people in my life – some are new and some have been around the block a few times with me.  This Thanksgiving is definitely little different.

  • It’s my first in 11 years as a single person.
  • It’s my first without my dad (I miss him terribly).
  • It’s my first (in 12 years) without my family.

I am grateful to have excellent friends who have supported me throughout the last 7 months. It’s been a rough road and I have had MANY challenges. This holiday season has been OK so far, it’s hard without my dad and the traditions I have relied on (and sometimes complained about) for years.

This year I returned to my old place of employment, I have made some special new friends and I have let some friends go. I hope my friends and family know how much I care about and love them.

Someone who has become a good friend is Jess, I am going to her house for my Thanksgiving meal and I am contributing two yummy recipies for the feast.

First up is Carmelized Onion and Blue Cheese Bites and the second is Brie and Fig Jam Bites. Who can say no to puff pastry, gooey cheese, yummy rosemary, blue cheese and fig jam? Just add wine!

I’m not a big fan of New Years resolutions but I am so ready to rock 2013 I may just change my mind on that. I am ready for a new chapter in my life. I don’t need to dwell on the past any longer. It served it’s purpose as a lesson and I am moving full steam ahead!

Watch out world!


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>Happy Birthday To Me

>Last wednesday was my birthday. No significant number was reached but I am really close to one next year.

A huge coincidence was Chrissie Hynde performed at my office that day. What a great birthday gift! My hubby and a couple friends were able to come. My friend Rory got his guitar signed and she even played it a bit.

She has a new band called JP, Chrissie and the Fairground Boys. We got to hear four of the songs off the record. It’s great. Go check it out!


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My birthday is next week and I have been trying to think of a how I want to celebrate. There is a local winery that has concerts in the summer time. My absolute favorite jazz singer will be performing there next month and I desperately want to go.

I’m totally down with the general admission price of $49.50 per person. General admission means you sit towards the back and you bring your own chair or a blanket to sit on. However, you can bring a picnic meal. The only condition is you can’t bring in your own alcohol but have to buy it on site.

How perfect of a Saturday night with the hubs would it be to sit out under the stars, listening to Diana Krall with a yummy picnic spread and a bottle of red wine? Perfecto!

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