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Hello Again…..

Well, I’m back. I had intended to retire this blog all together, change my email address and simplify my online life. You know, a clean break. I really have not spent much time on the computer at all, because I have been living my life. My word for 2013 was MORE (I wrote about it here, one of the two – yes two, blog posts of 2013). 

I was going to experience MORE spending time with friends, getting outside and enjoying the fresh air, Yoga, travel, walking the dog, hugs and kisses, game nights, girls nights, card playing, schooling, reading, random acts of kindness, exploring and living. Well I wasn’t perfect but I did A LOT of all of the above.

2013 brought a lot of fun. I am still dating B and we have a blast together. Here are some highlights with LOTS of links.

  • Went with my mom down to Long Beach, WA for a long weekend. My sister and her family joined us later. We saw a snowy owl and played lots of Cribbage and Scotland Yard
  • Went to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show.
  • B and I attended the Steampunk Exhibition Ball at Seattle’s new location for the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI).
  • Had a work party to help out around mom’s house.
  • Toured both Lemay car museums (B had one of his cars in one).
  • Watched B play Flaming Tetherball at the Hazard Factory.
  • Finally took the Seattle Underground Tour and took my second (B’s first) ride on The Duck with a bunch of people from B’s car club. Had an AMAZING bloody Mary with Sriracha!
  • Took B to the Cirque du Soliel show Amaluna.
  • B and I played Smash Putt (21+ miniature golf – with lazers and other fun stuff)!
  • Helped B’s friend clear out items from their family property. Cars and fabric and photos oh my!
  • Went to Lewiston, ID to visit B’s grandparents. On the way back swung through my alma matter’s home town. Go Cougs!
  • Went camping several times in B’s vanagon.
  • Had a Stone Vertical Epic beer tasting – yes all twelve.
  • Went to a few car shows. One of which I got very badly sunburned at. Finally went to the All British Field meet my birthday weekend.
  • We spent part of the July 4th weekend at the Vintage Car Races where B got to drive his Ghia around the track and then went to a lake house shooting off water balloons from a giant slingshot in the yard and kayaking the lake.
  • To finish off my birthday weekend we took a ferry to a friends parents property, watched Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark on a ginormous screen in their backyard, played extreme croquet (although there was no fire) and camped out.
  • A friend turned a school bus in to a giant party bus and we took that for a spin for a picnic.
  • Attended in costume the Midsummer Renaissance Faire where we saw the Cirque du Sewer, Cavallo Equestrian Arts and a “ribald and raunchy comedy” by the Les Bouffons des Battes.
  • Had a BBQ at my sisters where B was introduced to the lawn game of Kubb and we played more Extreme Croquet.
  • Became a mugger at Special Brews.
  • Fostered a sweet kitty named Bella for three months until we could find her a forever home.
  • B and I went rafting down the Yakima River with Beej. He had a little life jacket and did very well.
  • Met my mom in Chelan for a winery overnight.
  • Attended a craft night at a gal’s house I only knew from the blogworld.
  • B and I attended the fifth annual Steamcon – of course in costume. I sucked my friend Megan in to all things Steamy, she’s hooked! While at Steamcon B and I learned how to rap Steamy style (Chap Hop) with Professor Elemental. I participated in a fencing demonstration presented by the fine folks at the Salle Saint – George fencing school on the gentlemanly way to defend yourself with a cane.
  • B and I attended two Burlesque shows (Lost In Space & The Naughty Nutcracker).
  • B and I participated in a Steampunk photo shoot (yes I wore a corset) at Gas Works Park.
  • B and I Went to Wild Lights at the Woodland Park Zoo (we rode the Carousel).
  • Made a few crafty items, sewed a few things and even knit something.
  • Played a LOT of cribbage with B while drinking yummy craft beer.
  • I did attend Yoga off and on. Managed to mess up both of my knees at two separate times and came down with that hacking cough crud twice.
  • B is re-teaching me the card game Magic: The Gathering.
  • Had a game night a few weeks ago and we played Cards Against Humanity. Got two people hooked on the game.

So, my year was pretty full and I enjoyed it immensely! What’s in store for 2014? Well, certainly more of the above. B and I have tentative plans to see Cavalia and would love to see the Burlesque Alice in Wonderland. More Smash Putt, Flaming Tetherball and Steampunk events, cross country skiing, kayaking, fencing classes, the Dead Baby Downhill and my mom and I are traveling to Greece in October.



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