The Beginning is The End

It has been four months since my last post and A LOT lot has changed in that time. I am an active participant in the course my life is taking. To that end, I have decided to retire “Take Life With A Grain of Chocolate” and create an entirely new blog.

Although I have not fleshed out the exact content, some things have not changed about me like my love of Steampunk, repurposing, Indie film, simplicity and of course my dog. Some new changes ahead will also be featured and we will get in to those when the time is right.

My divorce is not finalized yet but will soon be completely in my past. The lessons my marriage and divorce are teaching me are currently being incorporated in to my new life. My blog is a positive place and meant to focus on what I enjoy and what I feel brings meaning to the world as I see it.

I met a wonderful man who I care deeply about and who embodies the true meaning of all that I hold dear. I feel so very lucky and we have the best times together. I was not looking for it but it found me and it’s darn good!

For now I am still in our condo, I will be getting a new (to me) car and I have custody of the dog. I am focusing on the important things in my life. I have scaled back and have spent much time reflecting on where I am headed. The journey is going to be full of new experiences and surprises for certain.

I made wonderful friends on this blogging journey and I have benefitted from the process of getting thoughts out of my head and down on “paper”. To those of you who have followed me I appreciate you and please join me on my new journey.


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