Looking Ahead to MORE

I am ready to step in to 2013 with a fresh outlook. A year ago today I returned to my previous place of employment and that has been a blessing. But this year, has been a hard one with more loss and heartbreak than I would like to repeat any time soon or at all.

This year has also brought me not only great new friends and strengthening current relationships with others, it has brought me so much more clarity for my life and what I want out of it. I have a few things to finalize in the new year and it could take a bit of time but I no longer live in the past.

So for this year to come, there is but a single thought and goal to my life. I will do MORE.

More of everything that I love to do, more spending time with my excellent tribe of friends and family, more getting outside and enjoying the fresh air and nature, more Yoga, more travel, more walking my dog, more hugs, more kisses, more game nights, more girls nights, more sewing, more knitting, more Geocashing, more listening, more card playing, more schooling, more reading, more random acts of kindsness, more exploring, more LIVING!

Watch out world – you ain’t seen nothing yet!



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