So many shades of blue…..

Sorry I have been a little absent on this here ol’ blog. Due to a couple recent life changes I have just needed to chill. But I’m back.

To make a long dramatic story short, I find myself in the position of needing a roommate. I’m not going to go in to the story on here as I want this space to be a positive place. Suffice it to say – I filed for divorce last week. There I said it – on the internet. Moving on…..

I am staying in our condo but I need a roommate to ensure I don’t eat more than Ramen and PB&J’s morning, noon and night. I have been decluttering and clearing things out and doing some redecorating.

The master bedroom, closet and bathroom need touch up paint. Since my husband chose the paint color I currently have, I have decided to repaint in a blue that is a little more me – reminicient of the ocean. So my choices are three very similar colors (from left to right in the photo below);  tropical skies, peacock tail and moonlit pool.

Moonlit pool won my unofficial Facebook poll and turned out surprisingly to be my favorite.  When viewing them on the small little paint sample squares I thought for certain I would choose peacock tail. I painted a first coat on a small bedroom wall to see how I liked it.

It’s looking more green that I thought I wanted but I don’t hate it. Tomorrow morning I will paint a second coat and see how I feel about it. I have a tank top that is more the color I want so may have to do some color matching at my local Home Depot.


Well I woke up this morning and decided Moonlit Pool was just still too green. It’s a lovely color but not what I want surrounding me on all four walls. Back to my local Home Depot where my awesome friend Micah helped me choose two more colors. Bermudan Blue and I color matched my favorite Old Navy tank top and I’m calling it Paisley’s Pad.





Paisley’s Pad looks greener on here than in person. It’s probably the closest to a true peacock blue I am going to get. Bermudan Blue is lighter in the photo above than on the wall but doesn’t have enough green in it.

I believe the winner is Paisley’s Pad!


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  1. “Suffice it to say – I filed for divorce last week. There I said it – on the internet. Moving on…..”
    I can only imagine how much strength you needed to get to this point. You are incredible. Enjoy your new paint and the next chapter in your life. You deserve it.

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