Takin it back from the Govment’

It’s funny, when it comes to bill paying, balancing budgets and massive excel knowledge/use I am your girl. Come tax time, my husband get’s the honored job of filing every year. He actually doesn’t mind doing it which is great since that stuff just really stresses me out. Including how to fill out a W9 so I get as much back on my paycheck as possible without having to pay taxes at the end of the year and let the govment’ play with my extra money.

Well, I changed my withholding and I got my paycheck today. A whopping $96 additional dollars. That means another $192 every month I can use for whatever I want – within reason. That is just a little more than my car payment. This makes me exceedingly happy.

The other thing that is making me happy right now is how much we are getting back this year. A little over $1,000 more than I thought we would. Oh yeah – three credit card balances are about to bite the dust!


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