Houndstooth Obsession

My husband is a huge Anglophile and admittedly so am I (but my first love is Italy). So it doesn’t surprise anyone when both C and I are drawn to plaid and tartan and houndstooth and herringbone and pinstripes.

Last spring my sister and I went looking for fabric for me to slipcover my sofa. Back when I thought I was going to do a multi fabric slipcover. My sister is an interior designer and I get to use her discount on occasion (bonus!). We went to our local Calico Corner and what did I spy right away? This gorgeous houndstooth plaid.

Of course I needed some the way people need air to breathe. I saw it on this chair that I REALLY wanted for my house (well two really). But the price tag was over $1000 for one. Not gonna happen on my budget. I thought perhaps I could just buy enough of hte houndstooth plaid to work in my design – yeah discontinued.

I was perusing the internet tonight and found this same fabric pattern on fabric.com a cotton version. At $5.98 a yard I bought 12 yards. That should be enough to slip cover the inside of my current chairs (the outside will match the slipcover on the couch), slipcover two throw pillows and make Penelope a new top (a girl’s got to coordinate). If I get really crazy I may recover a lampshade in my dining room currently covered in burlap (seen below in a Halloween shot).

I don’t know what it is about these fabrics but I love them and need more of them in my home. I am always on the lookout for yardage of fabric at the thrift store so slipcover a pillow.


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2 responses to “Houndstooth Obsession

  1. The houndstooth fabric is so handsome for chair coverings. I recently discovered that fabrics.com site. What a gem of a place – great prices and service. Maybe you could find an extra shade to recover for your lamp that currently sports the burlap. I love both looks. Your lamp could have a couple of hot looks!

  2. LOVE a good houndstooth plaid! Classic and refined.

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