Time Flies

When last I posted I stated the project for this week was to complete the slip cover for the couch in our living room. That so did not happen.

I did however meet another goal which was to get back to working out on a regular basis. I have found the trick for me is to do it right when I get home. I changed my hours at work so I can leave at 4:30 and I am walking in the door around 5:15. I quickly feed the furry children (code for our cat and dog), change in to my workout gear and get to it. Right now I am just focusing on getting 20 minutes in a day. For the rest of this month I do Wii Fit four days a week and Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred (ass kicker of a workout) one day a week.

I am happy to report I worked out four of five days last week. I would have done five but Friday I was not feeling well and took a rather long (three-hour) nap when I got home.

So I still have that silly slip cover to complete as a goal this month. I still have two weeks but also have some other sewing to do for the Steampunk Exhibition Ball coming up at the end of the month. I am still half way through Me Talk Pretty One Day. I got distracted by The Spy I am reading on my Kindle. I got it from the library and can only keep it for two weeks.

Last weekend along with our new lamp and more tile for the hearth we also bought a blade for our Dremmel Multi Max to cut through the grout to make it easier to take up the tile. Sadly that little project has also been left untouched this past week.

It snowed yesterday in Western Washington which brings out the crazy drivers. It put a kink in our plans for the day as well. My parents had tickets to see West Side Story downtown and with my dad not being able to drive since his surgery C and I played chauffeur. We were happy to do it and they had a great time.

We did get out to a few thrift stores and I scored to Pottery Barn knit throws in cranberry for $10 each. I had been looking for something for our living room and these are perfect and super warm!

At some point I am going to need to invest in a better digital camera. Ours died and all I have is my camera on my phone which really does not do anything any justice.

Lot’s to do today. I need to clean off my dining table and drag out my sewing machine and the slipcover fabric so I am all set to start working on that after my workout tomorrow. Meeting a friend for lunch who is in town as well. Have a great Sunday and stay warm!


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