Condo Project Update

We have been diligently chipping away at the old tile on the hearth and are making slow and steady progress. This is a long time coming. I know that all the work (and patience) would be worth it because I will love the result! I tend to have champagne wishes on a beer budget when it comes to choosing fixtures, etc. This time around I was pleasantly surprised that the tile I wanted to choose, 3 x 6 Carrara Marble is significantly less per square foot than anything predone on a mesh backing that is 12 x 12.

Saturday while out getting more tile we bought a table lamp for our living room. Our place has no overhead lighting in the living room or bedrooms.  The glazed part in the base also lights up but we need another bulb. We bought an LED bulb for this lamp which has a bluer tint to the light than the bulb in our floor lamp. I prefer a more yellow light but my husband has a hard time seeing with that.

I have my grandfathers WWII army trunk sitting next to the couch which is a little low. I like how the vintage books stacked under the lamp raises it to the right height. Slowly we are getting this place in to the shape we want it to be.

The project for this week is to start working on the slip cover for the couch. I have been putting it off long enough.


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