The Kindle

I have been considering a Kindle for a couple of years now. Just like with my iPod which I wanted for at least two years before I actually purchased one. It took a bit for me to “pull the trigger” on the purchase. If anyone knows me they know I love to read (and watch movies and listen to music). As much as I love the actual physical book, I don’t have a ton of space in my 900 square foot condo. Enter the Kindle.  The perfect way to continue to read books and not take up extra space in my limited abode though I suppose reading in a bath would be a bad idea.

My husband actually “bought” it for me for Christmas but I ordered it from my Amazon account so I would not have any problems when I wanted to download new books (tip from my in-laws). We decided on the Touch for $99 instead of the very popular Fire which is retailing for $199 (an iPad was just out of the question financially – especially since we got my husband a MacBook a few months ago). Although I love the idea of a color screen I honestly am only going to be using this to read books – not books with photos but as Crazy Aunt Purl would say, lit-tra-chure. If I ever get a magazine subscription online then I will consider trading up to a color version but I honestly don’t see that happening any time soon. My husband would be happy with the Touch (hopefully we can transfer it to his account down the road if I get a new one).

Pricing for ebooks is great. Much less than the physical versions. Not only is it space-saving but it’s money-saving as well. I can check out ebooks from my local library with the device. I’m a gal who likes to read stories more than once too. So having a book saved in my device/account that is easy to select is awesome. As our debt get’s paid off we will be able to travel more and nothing says vacation to me like a favorite book (or books) to read on the plane or wherever. So much easier to travel with than a thick stack of books.

Last night I ordered the two year extended warranty and this flip jacket. I think this will be a great carrying case for my Kindle. Once I start commuting by bus to work, having my Kindle (and iPod) all charged and ready to go will be awesome for the commute! This will also help me with my book club plan for 2012 as many titles are available to download through my local library which cost nothing (you should see the stack of actual books I have at home right now). An easy way to read through the entire Stephanie Plum series!

It’s smaller than I thought it would be but the screen is awesome. Very clear and no glare what so ever. Very lightweight. I am totally loving it! I have already downloaded a book from the library which I have been reading.

Speaking of reading. I am halfway through Me Talk Pretty One Day which is amusing. Dare I say I may even get through more than one book this month for book club 2012. Next up, The Secret History of Elizabeth Tudor, Vampire Slayer by Lucy Weston.

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