2012 Here We Come!

January 1 – another fresh start. Time to jump right in. How did you spend your New Years day? Mine was spent sleeping in and watching the entire first season of Castle, eating delicious chicken corn soup at my neighbors and doing a little planning for this here blog and the year to come.

For January…….

Book Club – The book for the month will be Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. The book is essentially two essays. The first half is about his life before he moved to Normandy, France including his upbringing in Raleigh, North Carolina and working odd jobs in New York city. The second half is about his life in Normandy with his partner Hugh.

Screenplay – The goal for this month is to write the logline and outline for the story. In the process of preparing for this project I have read a few books, Save the Cat by Blake Snyder and From Reel to Deal by Dov S. S. Simens.

BlogThis month I plan to create a schedule of blog posts regarding specifics I want to write about and the projects I want to accomplish and share. My goal is to post at least four times a week but I don’t want to be rigid with it. One of the many projects I would like to complete and post about this month is the slip cover for the couch and ottoman.

Alternative Menus – I recently read two books that have influenced the choices my husband and I plan to implement in to a plant based eating plan. The first is The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: A Delicious Alternative for Lifelong Health by Nancy Harmon Jenkins and Crazy Sexy Diet: Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, and Live Like You Mean It by Kris Carr. Between the Mediterranean and Vegan theories I’m confident we can find a menu of options to choose from that will help with our goals to lose weight and eat healthier. This month my focus will be to reduce how much meant and dairy I eat, increase fruits and veggies and work towards eliminating processed food and sugar as well as reducing my almost daily Starbucks habit. I also want to utilize the new juicer I got for Christmas.

Get Moving – Going from a somewhat sedentary lifestyle to being very active needs to have a transition period. This month I just want to get moving more every day. Taking the dog on a longer walk, practicing stretches and yoga or Pilates a few minutes a day. If I am inspired to do more I will.

Reduce Debt – This is an oldie and something I have been trying to do for a long time. Last year was a challenge. My goal for the year is to reduce my credit card debt by half. I do think I can do better than that but I want to have a goal that is realistic. If I do better then I am OK with that. I want to at least put an extra $600 on a credit card this month.

Clutter – I did a pretty good job of getting rid of clutter last year. However, there are pockets of space all over my house that could use some attention. I am going to choose a pocket a month. This month will be the dresser I use for a buffet in the dining room. Currently it houses craft supplies which I will eventually move. Our printer, scanner, copier sits on top and I would really like it to sit inside. So, tackling that project this month will be my declutter goal.

Vacation / Events – Traveling is something I want to do more of. With a rather large debt burden we won’t be able to do too much this year but we do have some plans. A friend of ours has invited us to his parents time share in Mazatlan in August. This will only cost us airfare and food. Another option is a long weekend away. We have chosen three possibilities, New Orleans, Victoria B.C. or San Francisco. This month there will be no traveling but we will be attending the Steampunk Ball. I still have to figure out my costume but the tickets were free as my husband one them last year.

Here’s to a new year! 🙂

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