2012 Home Improvement Projects

So I mentioned yesterday about our hearth and mantle project. We have a few other projects we want to complete this year. We hope to get them all completed and we can officially consider our condo – DONE!

Once the hearth and mantle are completed we will be installing shelving to the left of the fireplace. Right now we have two floating shelves that hold our components and it looks a little lost on the huge wall. Our shelving project will combine plumbing materials and wood such as the photo example below.

We love the industrial feel as well as the customizability (is that a word?) of this solution. Our goal for the wall in our living room is to have all of our TV components (Blue Ray player, wireless router, Xbox & Wii), books and my husbands collection of film cameras on this wall. We are also thinking about using this same treatment in our hallway which is where are DVD collection is housed and in our dining room for our bar area. The genius of this is we can take it with us when we move.

Last summer I purchased some large fabric drop cloths from Home Depot, cut one up and pinned it in to a slip cover for our couch. We also took the back cushions off our couch and used them to make a large ottoman (the width of our couch). I still need to make the slip covers. Here is what the couch looks like just pinned with no cushions.

Our bedroom needs some finishing touches as well. We need to install baseboard and crown molding and we really want a bigger bed. We are looking to get a king size bed with a frame that sits lower to the floor than our current one. A nice nubby rug for under foot on either side of the bed will be great too.

The bed and headboard above are from IKEA. They do not sell the frame in a darker stain in a King size and the headboard (made up of three pieces here) only comes in the birch stain. C and I are planning to make our own bed frame in a darker stain in King and add an all natural mattress. The headboard will be expensive and time-consuming so in the mean time we will hang our 48 star flag on some stained wood as a headboard and mount two vintage suitcases as bedside tables like the photo below from Flea Market magazine.

I love the look of vintage suitcases and have a few myself. One of them is a dog bed. In order to make this shelving I WILL have to cut in to the vintage suitcases which does give me pause. This project will only happen once I find new luggage pieces. I just can’t manage cutting in to my grandmother’s old pieces.

I have wanted a dress form forever. My mother gave me money to purchase one I spied at the local Hobby Lobby. I still have to pick it up (possibly today). The cover is not what I am going for but the form is just right so I plan to slip cover this form in a light linen fabric similar to my couch slip cover. This will act as my valet in our bedroom.

In our kitchen we will be adding butcher block counters and white subway tile backsplash.

We are keeping out kitchen painted a pomegranate red and repainting our cabinets in white.

Last but not least we will be installing a new low flow toilet in our bathroom and I may do a map treatment to a dresser we have in the dining room we use as a buffet. What are you up to project wise this year?


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