Getting a Head Start on 2012

Yesterday we continued the process of taking old tile off our hearth in preparation for a long overdue fireplace project. The original tile was ugly so we painted over it several years ago. However, the front edge was chipped and it just needed updating.

Several months ago we bought a Dremmel Multi Max in order to make taking the tile out a little easier than the hammer and chisel we were using. The Multi Max works by oscillating at a very high speed to heat up the glue under the tile. It works great but get’s really hot pretty quickly. It takes about an hour to get ten to fiften 3 x 3 tiles up before we have to stop for the night so we don’t ruin the tool.

Above is a photo of what our hearth looks like after taking a few rows of tile off. The tile around the fireplace is actually the same color as the tile on the hearth and looks very pink in this photo. It’s actually a light mocha color. You can also tell we are missing a traingular piece of parquet flooring still. Once all the tile is removed we will need to remove the left over glue and sand the entire area before we can lay down the new beautiful grey and white Carrara marble tile we picked up at Lowe’s tonight. They measure 3 x 6 and are just $5.98 per square foot.

Once the old tile is off and the new tile is on we will be taking the brass front piece off of the fireplace and purchasing or making a fireplace candelabra like the one pictured below (minus the glass holders). We don’t use our fireplace at all so these plans work for us and will help in resale value.

Then we will beef up our mantle. Right now we have a piece of wood supported by two decorative wooden shelf brackets. We will have somthing that extends from one wall to the other (our fireplace is on a 45 degree wall) with floor to mantle “legs”. Our 50″ flat panel TV has been mounted over the mantle. We will need to get a longer TV power cord and some paintable cord hiding material. This project has been on our list for years and will make the room we spend most of our time in so much better!


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