Handmade Dreadlocks Tutorial

So the other day on my guest post at Brooklyn Limestone I mentioned a tutorial on making your own dreadlocks.  After pricing them online at places such as Ragdolly it was going to cost me $80 for a pair that looked the way I wanted.  That was a little steep for me at the time for a costume accessory.  I love the look of dreads, especially colorful ones but don’t necessarily want to have them all the time in my own hair.  That could change – you never know.

My original plan was to make something out of wool roving.  Roving is essentially a long narrow bundle of fibre that is spun in to yarn.  Roving has the look of a smoothly ratted dreadlock and by purchasing wool it would be as close to natural hair as possible.  My goal was to make brown dread falls to match my natural hair color and then add in colorful hits to coordinate with my costumes.

I was at the thrift store one day and spotted a large bag of brown chunky yarn that matched my hair color perfectly.  I brought it home and immediately started to attempt to comb it out and rat it.  I was super dissappointed with how it turned out so decided to make “pretty” dreads.  When you twist yarn enough times it kinks up and twists back on itself. To get enough of these did take a couple hours and boy was my arm tired!

I made various lengths and set them aside.  At the time I had black lowlights in my hair and wanted to add some black to mimic that.  The black yarn I had on hand was thinner than the brown.  I wanted some different textures to the falls so I decided to braid the black yarn.  I made varying lengths of those as well.

Once I had enough lengths of to make two pony tail falls I combined them in to two bunches and wrapped them with elastic hair bands.  I looped a hair comb in each.  Next step is getting the falls on to your head.  At the time my hair was long.  I took half of the hair and wrapped it around itself until I had what I like to describe “anime pony tails”.  These knots of hair were enough to secure the comb attached to my falls.

In the above photo you can see the twisted brown pieces.  I had added some twisted green pieces as well as my outfit had green in it and I wanted to coordinate.  These falls probably cost me about $3 total as I had the black and colored yarns already in my stash as well as the hair bands and combs.

I reused these falls this year without any color added.  My hair is shorter but the anime knots still were big enough to hold the falls in place.  Instead of goggles I had a small fez to go with a new outfit.  More on making the fez in another post.


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