Hi there – bet you thought I went missing didn’t ya?  Bet you thought I had given up this whole blogging thing hmmm?  No need to send out a search party.  I’m here – can you see me waving?

Just been on a hiatus.  My life has gotten …………………….. interesting.

So let me start by saying that Steamcon III is this weekend across the pond from Seattle (that’s Bellevue for all you non Seattle peeps).  True to form yours truly procrastinated until last weekend to make not one, not two but three new costumes for the event.  Costume number one has some major failures to it and will need to be reworked – it will not make an appearance this weekend.  Costume number two is almost completed.  I just need to whip up a vest today.  Since it’s crunch time it may not be what I first envisioned.  Costume number three still needs pants – unless you are a time traveling sailor then its debatable.  I for one will definitely be wearing pants.  Steamcon is not THAT kind of convention and no one wants to see THAT show!

This is day number 8 of being unemployed.  I have been filling my time with applying for a bazillion jobs – yeah I’m an overachiever, making Steampunk costumes and a mystery secret project that shall be revealed in time.  Mystery secret project also happens to coincide with Steamcon.  You definitely cannot accuse me of sitting on my laurels!

Anywho, I have some pretty groovy posts lined up for the remainder of October. Yours truly is  guest posting over at Brooklyn Limestone this Saturday and I will have updates next week on our decorating adventures and costume making.  Who says a Fez and handmade dreads DON’T go together?


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