Reversal – The Short Film

For the past several months I have been focused on a project.  A couple friends of mine and I started a production company.  We are focussed on making films with women in thought provoking roles.

Picture if you will, a man wakes up behind the wheel of a car with no memory, a gun, and a woman in his trunk. The story that unfolds is full of intrigue as the mystery unravels….

Curious?  Click on the link here and share on your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages!

For a treat, here are some behind the scenes photos from our shoot a few weeks ago.

Above is our lead actor, Ben Andrews talking to MC our weapons wrangler.  Don’t worry, the gun was not loaded and never pointed at anyone.

On the set, a road less traveled with a beautiful canopy of trees overhead.  Our lead actor Ben is changing the tire for the scene and our lead actress Trin Miller is standing by.  Walking towards the camera is our DP Chris Taylor and other crew members Adam Gehrke (Audio), Wll Rosenberg (PA), Richard Williams (Gaffer) and David Preston (Director).

Above are Rick Walters and Ben sitting at a local bar for our flashback scene.  The owner of the bar was super accomodating to let us use the space.  We had a few local patrons in the scene as well.

Ben and Trin are working out some choregraphy for a fight scene with our fight choregrapher Kevin Farrow in the background.  So glad they used those pads for this scene as we used our car.  Chris our DP is getting ready for the shot.

I had mentioned a few months ago I was looking for a career change and I think I have found it.  My finance background is coming in handy with this new venture so I serve as the Finance Director of our company.  I get to learn so much about the day to day film making process.  My partners are amazing, Jenn is an event producer which comes in handy as the Communications and Logistics Director and Catherine is a composer and she serves as the Creative Director.

Please help us raise our profile on IndieGogo by clicking on the link above.  We have seven days to raise the remaining $1529 we need for post production so we can submit our short to the Sundance Film Festival.

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