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The Great Purge of 2011

I hit 40.  I found a grey hair.  I am unemployed.  Now for the good news…..

Time off is a rare blessing.  For the first few days I did A LOT of web surfing and TV watching.  I had the best of intentions to get things done around here and did cross a few items off the list.  About halfway through day three I started getting – BORED.

I have had a couple interviews and accepted a contract position that starts in just over a week so I am taking this opportunity to purge my house.

I have read a few blog posts lately that really speak to what it is I want to have surrounding me.  Miss Minnimalist had this to say about Decluttering Your Fantasy Self and Stop and Breathe had this to say about The More of Minimalism.

I’m really trying to look at every item we own and make a decision based on if it serves a purpose RIGHT NOW and for the immediate future as we see it.  If it’s there because of a future life or “fantasy self” I want then I need to decide if I need to bring that future or fantasy further forward in to the present.  Or decide that ship will never sail and move on.  All of the excess clutter around my home is stopping me from living my life.

I discovered this post at Be More With Less on the Un Diet which pretty much explains the way I would like to eat, feed my family and take in exercise on a daily basis.  It’s simple and makes complete sense.

I blame it all on Fixing It Fancy for her Life Cleanse concept.  It could not have come at a more perfect time.  I want to look around my house and see the beautiful things I love that are not hidden by clutter and junk.  I want to look in my closet and pull out a garment and not have to weed through tons of stuff I don’t or can’t wear.  I want to be able to relax in my home, not spend time shifting piles from one place to the other in order to find something I need.

Here we go!


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Web Warm Fuzzies

Hello blog world!  Been super busy around these parts with a new (contract) job, turning 40, raising money for the short film, Reversal my production company is going to shoot in 18 DAYS (we are 47% funded thankyouverymuch) and in general trying to cram 26 in to 24 hours.

Thoughts on 40 – yeah it’s the new 30 so don’t think I’m going to slow down any time soon.  More thoughts in another post later – maybe (why dwell?).

Even if I don’t get around to posting much sometimes I always have time to check out my favorite peeps in blog land.  Here are some posts I thought you would enjoy….

Stephanie at Brooklyn Limestone is doing a feature on rooms by people with real budgets.  Today it was a post about an amazing front entry redo.  Go check it out.

Kasey over at Lola B’s just moved her family from Chicago to Kauai (yeah as in Hawaii) for a year of fun in the sun.  Who arranged her life?  Kasey Buick is so there (recognize this move line?)!  Talk about gutsy!

Jennifer at Dear Lillie had a Jane Austen book party.  Love that all the books on the shelves coordinate with the rooms decor.  If I only had the time I would so do this!  Peep this for amazing party ideas.

Sarah over at A Beach Cottage is a Brit transplanted in Australia.  She’s a huge fan of white and picking up discarded items on the side of the road (most often on the school run) and turning them in to well worn and loved treasures in her home.  Wander on over.

Lauri is Crazy Aunt Purl and as such has written two incredibly hilarious books.  Her blog is basically about the goings on in her world (LA) and knitting.  She’s got a great sense of humor and absolutely cracks me up in the wee hours via Twitter.  Grab a glass of vino and go check her out.

Dana at House Tweaking is in the process of selling her current home, moving to an apartment for three months while they finish revamping their new downsized home loveingly known as The Underdog.  Her goal?  To stop working in five years and not have a mortgage payment.  For more read here.

These are just a few examples of the kids of blogs I love to read and wish they posted every day!

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