>Seven Things About Me

>I received a Versitile Blogger Award from a groovy blogger/twitter friend Crystal over at Twenty Eight and a Half. I am to name seven random facts about myself and pass along to seven other bloggers.

Seven Random Things About Me

  1. I have exactly 2.5 hours flight time in a single engine plane.
  2. I had a pet frog for 13 years. It was a joke birthday gift called “Grow A Frog” and a tadpole was literally mailed to me in a bag of water in a styrofoam container. When it arrived my mom tossed it up the stairs at me. It lived in my mom’s house after I moved away and finally passed away.
  3. While most people go gaga over meeting famous people, when I have the opportunity I get all nervous and quiet.
  4. When I was just about to turn two my parents and I were visiting relatives in Texas. My cousins were bouncing on a trampoline with me sitting on the opposite end. Then bounced me right off. I go tup and wandered in to the house. Later that night I woke up screaming. Apparently I had broken my leg. I spent the rest of our trip in a cast and walked around so much I wore down the heel twice. I remember when I got the cast off the doctor put the saw on my hand so I would know it wouldn’t vut me. I tried to stand but fell over because I was used to the weight of the cast.
  5. The furthest away from home I have been is Hawaii to the west, The Bahamas to the East, Cabo San Lucas to the south and the Arctic Circle to the north. Time to get off this continent!
  6. I costumed an indie horror film summer which got me a credit on IMDB.
  7. I love vegetables but absolutely detest peas. I will eat them in fried rice or a pot pie but I will not eat them alone.

Passing the award to…

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