>2011 Bring It


It seems the trend for New Years Resolutions is chosing one word that represents your focus for the coming twelve months. I thought that was actually a pretty powerful way to keep your focus. I have been trying to think of my word for 2011 and its been something of a struggle.

For 2010 I used the idea of Simplify which is a word that served me well over the last year. My husband and I purged a lot of the “stuff” we just don’t need. We have not completed purging but it has become something we identify with more than it was a year ago. This is evidenced in the way I decorated for Christmas this year. A tree, simple stockings and a few other festive items around the house.

I am still working on my word for 2011 and hope to have it tomorrow. For now I leave you with something simple that brings me joy every day.

The CUTEST dog in the world! Happy New Year!


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  1. >Aw, he IS the cutest dog! Hope you have a happy new year and find that word that will sum up your goals for the next twelve months!

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