>Can You Smell That?…….It’s Fall!

>Seems like summer was way too short here in the Pacific Northwest. August is almost over and we are “turning the year” so to speak. Kids are getting ready to go back to school, football season is starting and fall (my favorite time of year) is in the air.

I am starting to think about Halloween and how I am going to decorate my house. Over the years I have collected and made many decorations. I am not a fan of “kitchy” decor. The way I decorate my house would be best described as “Tattered Conservative Gothic” with a little bit of Steampunk thrown in. Distant relatives of the Adams family.

There are several sites out there that have great tastefull Halloween decorations such as Pottery Barn and Grandin Road. Some favorites of mine from Grandin Road…

Some of my favorites from Pottery Barn……..

For more inspiration, there’s Martha Stewart’s haunted house party.

Some of the decorations I saw I think I can make on my own. These photos inspire me to make as many as I can to add to what I already have.
How are you decorating for Halloween?


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2 responses to “>Can You Smell That?…….It’s Fall!

  1. >Ooooooh! Love it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween. Can't wait to decorate.

  2. >Super excited for fall and to get our Halloween decorations out!

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