>Eat, Pray, Love….in My Backyard

>I was on vacation last week and truly didn’t really want to do much of anything but relax. We were supposed to visit family in eastern Washington but the dog got sick the day before we were to leave. That essentially cancelled our plans so we had a staycation. I kept up on blog reading but didn’t FB or even email much. I have been engrossed in a series I am borrowing from a friends mother called the Midsommer Murders. I also got some more decluttering done – even sold two books on Amazon!

We went and saw Eat, Pray, Love last weekend which I read two summers ago. I really liked it. This will be a purchase when it comes out on DVD! Wonder if they will follow it up with a movie to her sequel book, Committed.

Ever since I moved in to this condo (nine years ago) I have wanted a patio oasis of sorts. It finally started to come together. We found ourselves at Cost Plus and picked up some Indian tea light holders.

A few weeks back we went to several yard sales and I picked up five pieces of screening for $20. I had some sari fabric so we connected three of the panels and stapled the sari fabric to the back.

I also had the brass Morrocan tray and insence container. If you look closely you can see a little bronze status of a monkey holding a stack of books. I am fascinated with monkeys. Especially ones that wear fezes.

We have a couple tiki torches that we set up. Of course, mine is a monkey one..

There will more to come. I am not in love with the dismal blue grey paint color on the exterior of our building. I have lots more sari fabric and some other that I can use to make our back patio (which is covered) to feel like a tent.

Now if I could just afford the $6000 + for two round trips tickets to Bali…..



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2 responses to “>Eat, Pray, Love….in My Backyard

  1. >Your patio is really doing the oasis thing! Please keep us updated with more pictures. Bali is on my travel to do list too.

  2. >Thanks Beth! I feel like there are so many ways I can go but its a start!

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