>A Light at the end of the Tunnel

>Sunday night my family was over to celebrate Father’s Day and my sister went through the bag of craft supplies I was going to get rid of. What is left I am giving to my neighbor.

Tuesday night I went through my clothing in our master closet. I took everything out of the closet and laid them on the bed in two piles. Clothing I wear all the time and clothing I rarely wear.

Can you guess which pile was taller?

You guessed it, the pile of clothing I rarely wear.

After placing the clothing I wear all the time back in the closet I started sorting the other pile. Items that I never wear due to not fitting right or repairs that I will never make or don’t go with anything else went in the donate pile. That just left costumes and formal wear or dressier items. I carefully scritinized these items before making a decision on weather to place it back in the closet or in the donate pile.

After all was said and done I have two garbage bags full of clothing and shoes ready to be donated this weekend. It was a little underwhelming as I thought I was being pretty ruthless and thought I would have more but I suppose two bags are nothing to sneeze over. C still has not gone through his clothing but that is not on my list for this month and doesn’t prevent me from reaching my June goal.

I am down to two areas in my house that need decluttering. The pantry and storage off the patio. The pantry will probably get cleared out tomorrow night and the patio is reserved for this weekend. I also have our bar but decided to hold off on decluttering until we find a suitable smaller replacement. I will put some of the glasses I like from the bar in our cabinets and get rid of some other glassware that has seen better days.

I think I just might make my goal for June of getting all my decluttering done.


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