>Focus on What You Want Most

>I came across this blog post through another post from Frugal Babe I read today and the quote really did resonate with me.

Never sacrifice what you want most for what you want right now.

This is something I am starting to realize as I get rid of the clutter around my house. I can see the finish line which is so awesome. I know that I will meet my June completion goal for those hidden areas in my home. In fact, another closet was completed last night. I do stiil have a few tweaks I want to make. We will still have small condo projects to complete but they will be so much easier without stuff lying around that has no permanent home and we can find the tools we need to complete a project. The small condo projects are not my goal for this month anyway.

As I focus on getting this project completed and look forward to the fun projects that will come out of them this quote means even more to me.

I think a lot of unhealthy attitudes in life come from the instant gratification of getting what we want right now. Wether its sacrificing our health for something quick or buying an item we think we need because we can’t find something at home or its the perceived the answere to all our prayers.

Case in point. I have been sewing since I was eight years old. I will never give that hobby up. I organized all of my patterns last night. I found four patterns for robe/PJ’s. I don’t need four patterns, I had them because I was not organized enough to have my patterns in one place when I wanted to make a new robe. I even found (and kept) my favorite pattern for PJ bottoms. One pattern piece – love it. I managed to get all the patterns in to three shoe boxes but am already looking for a better way to store them.

The simplicity of this quote is so great and if I keep it with me in times of uncertainty or the spontanaeity of wanting someting right now, it will further the goals I have put in place.


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  1. >wow! how true this post is. I need to reorganzie my entire house. If I could break it down, and just do one room a month, I'd have it done in no time. I plan on redoing my bedroom in July. Maybe I can gut it and only put back what I must have.gailthanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my pendant light/candelabra

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