>Clutter – His vs Hers

>Last night I had a “conversation” with my husband about clutter. We both are in agreement the clutter has to go. The problem is, sometimes we can’t agree on what is clutter. One of the main differences in our personal clutter story is my husband is a collector and I am not. I am much more of a neat freak and am constantly being compard to Monica on Friends.

“Collections are an accumulation of objects gathered for study or comparison for exhibition or hobby. Clutter is to fill or cover with scattered things that impede movement or reduce effectiveness.”

There are many reasons why a person would want to collect something. Collections are not inherently bad. I used to collect items but decided they really didn’t fulfill any sort of need for me and I just prefer not to have to dust tchockes all over my house.

In my search to find advise on His vs Hers clutter, I came across a few articles like this one that compare His vs Hers when it comes to household chores. I think its important to recognize and talk about your issues with clutter and household chores with your partner so you can be on the same page and work together to achieve the look and relative clean you want in your home.

What happens when your collections become your clutter? You can development in to a habit of hoarding. In fact, the problem of hoarding has become so common there is now a TV show on A&E about the disease.

We are by no means hoarders and have tackled many areas of clutter in our home. We are close to being done with it entirely. We have established ways to tackle clutter as it comes in to the house. After a few more weeks we will have other hidden areas of our house cleared out and will be making new homes for items that are in limbo.

How do you handle differences in how you handle clutter and household chores in your home?


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