>Storage Unit – Completed

>After 9 years and 2 carloads of donate over the last two weekends our storage unit has been completely decluttered. We even have open space on some of the shelves.

We used to keep all our holiday decorations in 30 gallon tubs. A real pain in the but to bring in to the house, unload and decorate. Then repack and schlep back out to storage in crappy weather.

The hubs final trip to donate saw three 30 gallon and one 25 gallon tub go bye bye forever. We still have four 20 gallon tubs left but they fit neatly on top of our shelving at the back of the unit. You can’t see in the photo below but just above the top shelf where the boxes with yellow lids are sit those tubs.

The only thing sitting on the floor is a huge R2D2 beverage cooler (you can sort of see the arm peeking out towards the left bottom of the photo) that the hubs is going to turn into something Steampunk, our orange moving dolly and a spare wheel for our small trailer we hook up to our car for camping.

This storage unit used to be packed from floor to almost ceiling and from back to door with moving boxes. The door is just in front of the extra wheel.

It feels so good to have this space cleared out so we can pop down quickly and get what we need. Everything is labeled and like items sit together. All we have is camping equipment, holiday decorations, beer making stuff and large tools – oh yeah and R2.

This unit is not something we pay for seperately but at the bottom of one of the condo buidings in our complex. I’m going to call this completed and checked off my list. As time goes on we will try to replace the cardboard paper boxes with plastic tubs to better protect the contents but for now – we are done!



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