>Are You A Tightwad?

>I am not certain if I am or not. I have caviar dreams on a peanut butter budget. I am always striving towards living a greener, calmer, simpler life and sometimes I trip up. But I keep going.

I serve on a green team at my company and learn new things all the time to help out the environment and not to leave such a permanent mark. In fact, next week we are hosting a backpacking/hiking clinic after hours. All about enjoying nature, being prepared and keeping it the way we found it.

I am super busy at my job and sometimes that leaves little time for doing the responsible thing like using greener products or creating less garbage. I read an article once on how one couple vowed to throw away one small bag of garbage for the entire year. Can you imagine? Practically everything I buy at the grocery store is packaged and creates garbage.

I took a bit of time on my lunch today to pop by and read someone who was kind enough to email me she enjoyed my blog and would like it if I would check hers out. I like what I saw. If you are curious just pop on over and check out Tightwad.

One of my 2010 resolutions was to clean up my blog and old PC from virtual clutter. We got rid of the old PC and now only have a laptop and a lot of what I thought I needed from the old computer I did not save. I still need to revamp my blog which is also somewhat cluttered.

I do want to mak a better effort in my blogging and writing about things that interest me. I don’t think I fall in to any one category as I don’t write about one particular thing. My interests vary but here is what you can see more of in the coming months.

  • Living Green
  • Living Simple
  • Decluttering
  • Personal Finance
  • Steampunk
  • Home Crafts (sewing & knitting)
  • Junking

Whatever else happens to have me interested at the time.


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