>Starbucks & The Gym

>It’s day five of my self imposed Starbucks Challenge. I am pretty darn proud I have managed through five days of NO STARBUCKS SPENDING! Potentially I could have already spent $15.95 (for just myself) or $33.30 (for the hubs and I) but I have not. No sir! And guess what? I didn’t die! I have lived to tell the tale.

It’s interesting too. The first day was hard. I thought to myself as I was sitting in the car how much I wanted to get my iced tall non fat no whip mocha. I told myself no and bypassed them completely. Later that morning I was REALLY thinking about jumping in the car and going to get one but a co-worker let me try her Coffee Mate Italian Sweet Creme creamer and I went out that night and bought some (one for home and one for work). We have this nifty coffee maker at work that grinds the beans and makes you a fresh cup of Starbucks brewed coffee. So, I throw a little creamer in my mug, push a few buttons, wait a few minutes and I have coffee all ready to go in the morning!

I don’t miss it that much now that I have acheived five days of being good. The weekend might be a challenge but we shall see how that goes. I already budgeted for Sunday but it sounds like I won’t have my walking buddy anymore as she has joined a gym and that is where she wants to go on Sunday. Who could blame her, its closer to her house and she get’s to sleep in a hour more.

I have been contemplating joining a gym for a while. I got a free five day pass and went a couple times this week with my walking buddy. I just threw on my iPod and og. I like the gym. I like that there is never a wait for any of the machines and they are open until 11 PM during the week.

I am torn about joining cause I don’t know that I have the joining fee. On the other hand, I’m not doing such a great job working out at home. I think this will be something to mull over and see how important it is to me.

Tomorrow I have a couple of home owners responsibilities to attend to (I am the VP of the HOA board for our condo association) and then its off to buy paint to paint our bathroom walls which are in total need! We also need to pick up a little more baseboard molding to finish off our living room as well. Then we will have all the rooms in to condo painted and all the molding put up in the main part of the house.



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2 responses to “>Starbucks & The Gym

  1. >Yay for dodging Crackbucks! You are a strong, strong creature!Kellyp.s. I avoided the gym membership forever, too. But you know what? If it helps you stay healthy, I say do it. Priceless, right?

  2. >Check out "coffeecreations" – blog and recipes to try

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