>Taco Del Mar – The Saga Continues

>This morning as I was checking a joint email account the hubs and I have set up for communication with the kids schools etc. I found this apology email. The hubs had emailed the corporate office of Taco Del Mar and apparently they sent our email address on to the owner that I had dealings with. I have copied and pasted it precisely as it was written. I knew this guy was hard to understand in person but please.

hi karen &chris

am mike personaly apology from my heart what ever hapen from me about over charge by employe and that employe no more work on taco del mar. and also refund your rest $12.35 to cover your damage you can see this with couple day and again i am very sorry about that and apology again .please call me if any thing else ican do for you thank you mike

He also left me a voicemail yesterday essentially stating the same thing. This is the “face” of Taco Del Mar. I have no words.



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2 responses to “>Taco Del Mar – The Saga Continues

  1. >Wow.Kinda makes you wonder what's in your taco.Kelly

  2. >Ew, I can't believe this happened! How can they just blatantly add tips to people's receipts? No wonder they are going bankrupt, what a shoddy business. Esp. if this is the best PR they can give you…

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