>February Goals

>Onward to February where we have a few plans already. A Steampunk tea and dinner with the hubs at the Melting Pot both for Valentine’s day.


  • Income $4135
  • Loan Payments $735.43
  • CC Payments $572.42 (pay off card number two)
  • Bills $2044.06
  • Groveries $200
  • Gas $280
  • Mad Money $254 ($56 for coffee)


  • Walk 4 times
  • Wii Fit 8 times
  • 30 Day Shred 8 times
  • Track food and water intake throuh WW site


  • Declutter bags in bedroom
  • Go through my side of closet
  • Make/buy one Steampunk item
  • Complete one condo project

And that’s all folks!


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