>Budget Update

>The hubs doesn’t get paid for two days and I get paid Tuesday next week but I don’t see a lot of spending in the next two days so here we go.


Student Loan – $93/$93
Netflix – $27/$26.27
First Mortgage – $796.73/$796.73
Home Owners Dues – $217.41/$217.41
CC1 – $35 (minimum plus a little extra – I rounded up)/$35
CC2 – $30 (minimum plus a little extra – I rounded up)/$30
CC4 – $105 (minimum plus a lot extra)/$105
Groceries – $100/$168.01
Gas – $35/$69.50
Save – $800 (earmarked for bi-weekly mortgage plan)/$400
Mad Money – $328 (mostly Christmas gifts)/$476.02
Left Over – $115.80 (to filter in to the second half of the month)/$106.05

I went over in all the places I normally do. We did get some Christmas shopping done and we are close to being finished. Groceries was extra because of a holiday party we held that I didn’t account for. We did more that normal driving due to the kids having plans with friends which accounted for the overage in gas.

We decided not to do the bi weekly mortgage payments for now. What we did decide to do was figure out how much extra a month bi weekly payments would add to our mortgage payment. I have budgeted larger than normal payments for our first and second mortgage next month to make it like we were doing bi weekly payments.

Budget for the next two weeks.

Income – $2053.45
Cell – $199.23
Cable/Internet – $68.70
Car payment – $200 (minimum plus extra)
Personal Loan Payment – $460
Second Mortgage – $96.15
CC4 – $30 (minimum plus a little extra)
Car/Home Insurance – $148.39
PUD – $83
DSHS – $400
Mad Money – $367.98 + $106.05 = $474.03


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