>Visions of Sugarplums…


Halloween is over but even before October was officially out the door I started to see advertisements for Christmas. I think that is totally crazy and “they” should wait for November 1st. Even if I do start my Christmas gift planning in the summer, I don’t expect to see holiday decorations out until at least November.

I have ramped up my efforts for Christmas gift buying. I have no idea what to get some people and I’m hoping for some suggestions…

The hubs and I already have the kids figured out and the big ticket items purchased for them. We don’t have a ton of money available to us and I want to not use a credit card if at all possible. We were successful last year and I think only used a credit card for one purchase. I was at my wits end and used my Macy’s card to get my mom a gift card cause I couldn’t find ANYTHING on her list.

We have my parents, my sister, BILL and their two kids, my brother, the hubs parents and hubs grandparents and a few friends we exchange with .

The only thing I plan to make this year are new stockings. I have some brown velvet that looks like fur that I use to trim them. Just need to get some brown fabric.

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