>I’m Ba-ack! – October Warp Up & November Goals

>Life for the paisley penguin has been pretty hectic and crazy lately. My supervisor was let go about a month ago and I have been an army of one at work. I met the final two candidates today and a decision will be made next week. One of them will be employed by Thanksgiving. I love that I was allowed to meet with them to give my impressions as that will be taken in to consideration for their decision.

This week has been even more hectic. Wednesday was the hubs birthday. The kids, a friend, the hubs and I went to Bucca di Beppo for family style Italian food. There are only two in the state of Washington and both are within easy driving distance of my home.

One of my favorite things about Bucca is their decor. All of the walls are filled with framed photos. The main theme is definately anything Italian. Photos of Sophia Loren are hung right next to random photos of everyday people. If you look long enough you will see other photos tucked in here and there of every shape, size and subject. Just above the table we ate at I saw photos of

  • a kitten
  • three priests
  • an Italian villa
  • several people eating spaghetti
  • Sophia Loren
  • a bunch of men that looked like gangsters

One of my favorite photos from Bucca is this woman in a wedding dress kicking a soccer ball.

The walls at Bucca are the inspiration for something I want to do in my dining room. I am in the planning stages of but will reveal soon.

Thursday night the hubs and I were lucky enough to go to the Sounders FC playoff game for free against the Houston Dynamo. It was a draw (in football speak that means tied at zero). The other team was super aggressive. I also thought the officiating was a little one sided and they were not siding with us. We had tons of shots on goal, spent a majority of time on their end of the field and actually got one in but it was denied due to an earlier penalty in the play. Total crap!

The month is almost over and I have not managed to post any photos of my Halloween decorations. I plan to do that tomorrow.

I thought I would do my wrap up for the month finance wise.

  • Income – $4,100.49 (paychecks)
  • Coffee – $68.73 (down $58.94 and $1.73 over budget – budget adjusted to include hubs b-day and day trip coffee spending)
  • Eating Out – $89.81 (up $53.16)
  • Groceries – $372.36 (down $25.55 and 172.36 over budget)
  • Gas – $217.16 (up $64.37 and $77.16 over budget – due to additional extra driving)
  • Save – $2609.20 (up $2459.20 due to sale of hubs massage table & car and cash back from condo refinance)

Goals for October were…

  • Reduce CC balances by $336 – $207.49 less than planned
  • Save $150 – oh yeah, and then some
  • Follow grocery ($200), coffee ($67) and gas ($140) budgets – good and bad here
  • Add one more workout day a week using Wii Fit or Jillian Michaels – NOT (does watching Biggest Loser count?)
  • Make better effort on drinking four glasses of water a day – can’t really tell you as I need to define this with better metrics
  • Limit coffee (Starbucks) purchases to Sunday only – caved but not too badly (adjusted for day off and hubs birthday)
  • Continue on eating at least five servings of fruits/veggies a day – did really well bringing a large salad for lunch and pieces of fruit as well as at dinner
  • Actually take a multi vitamin – fail
  • Paint living room – fail
  • Install tile on hearth & possible mantle – started working on it
  • Start SS fingerless gloves – fail
  • Complete at least three knitted ornaments – almost done with one more (could finish that tomorrow
  • Finish refinancing condo – we closed on the 21st!!!
  • Blog at least fifteen times this month – yeehaw this post makes 18

I think I need to streamline my goals with better metrics to measure against. I also don’t want to have a huge long list to measure against. Since we are headed in to the holiday season I want to keep things pretty focused on a few areas.

So, goals for November.

  • 6 days of Starbucks (5 Sundays and Thanksgiving day)
  • 9 workouts (5 walking Sundays and 4 workout Wednesdays)
  • $400 extra payment on car (decided to focus on that to pay it off)
  • $900 in savings (no mortage this month)
  • loose 10 pounds
  • knit SS fingerless gloves and three more ornaments (not inclduing the one I started)
  • buy Christmas gifts (need to define list)
  • either paint the living room or tile the hearth

There you have it – here’s to another great month!


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