>We are $2525 richer!

>OK, so the title of this blog doesn’t have a whole lot to do about the actual subject matter. We (I mean the hubs) are indeed $2525 richer. The hubs sold his massage table for $125 and his 1987 BMW 325is for $2400 over the weekend (don’t worry – the chin spoiler was attached when it went away).

The hubs bought this car about four years ago and has loved it. My dad made him an offer he couldn’t refuse on his old Porsche (old meaning my dad bought a new one and well the old one is from 1987). Yes indeed I did marry my father (when it comes to cars). Suddenly the hubs got all the little projects done on his car that he had been meaning to do and sold it. The cash from the car will go towards the Porsche so I am not technically recognizing it in the savings account.

So, my blogging of late has been rather shoddy. I have not even uploaded photos of our Halloween decorating. Because………….

Life has been crazy! This is the start of week four of being an “army of one” as I am being called at work. My email accounts (yes I have TWO at work) are crazy! My supervisor has been gone for three weeks and I know they are looking for a replacement. I am SUPER busy at work and SUPER tired. This morning we had an acquisition announcement and now my life is going to get even more hectic in the next couple weeks.

A nervous breakdown is a great idea but I don’t have room in my schedule. Can I get an assistant to manage that for me?

We did manage to actually get our Roku working on Friday. We got sucked in to Harper’s Island over the weekend and watched all 13 episodes. As I type this I am listening to Vanity Fair. I have not really been paying attention so I will probably watch it again. For the uninitiated, Roku is a way to stream movies from Netflix to our TV. No waiting for a disc to arrive. If you don’t like something you just stop watching it and watch something else. It’s like a DVR for Netflix.

This is day number 16 for my espresso challenge. Check out my sidebar for the gorey details. I’m doing pretty good actually and I’m proud of myself. Oh yeah – and I have lost 14 pounds!

Yesterday I met a friend at Starbucks for a Stitch n Bitch. We are hoping to do this once a month. It was nice to sit down with a bunch of girls to knit while decaffeinated.

I don’t do this often but I thought I would give you a little link love…

One of my all time favorite blogs to read is Crazy Aunt Purl. A woman who came home from work one day to be told her husband wanted a divorce and she turned that in to a blog and then a book. I discovered her the day after she was in Seattle on her book tour for her last book. Her next book comes out in February and she better come to Seattle again! She talks about knitting and life and she is a hysterical read!

Moneyopolis used to be Escape Booklyn. As you can probably guess from the title of her new blog she did indeed escape – Brooklyn that is. She is busy settling in to her life in Minneapolis (yes they got snow over the weekend) and remodeling her “mansion”.

Now, someone who still lives in Brooklyn is Brooklyn Limestone who I found a couple weeks ago and proceeded to spend and ENTIRE SUNDAY reading her entire blog. Love, love, love her house and so want it!

Shameless plug for the hubs blog, A Kilted Travel Agent. He mostly talks about his deep love of the automobile (second only to madame paisley). If you are so mechanically inclined take a jaunt on over.

A local gal (by local I mean in the greater Seattle Tacoma area), Karla at It’s the Little Things blogs about her amazing home remodels on a shoestring budget. Check out her post from today. Yummy chowder and cider recipies!

That’s about it for me. Hope all is well and I promise I will be a better blogger!


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  1. >Don't have a nervous breakdown! It will make work that much more hectic. ;)So jealous about your hubs' Porsche. They are my favorite car maker. You two will have so much fun cruising around in it. 🙂

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