>Halloween Inspirations

>A few images that are inspiring me for Halloween. Could be a fun costume but I don’t think I would want to put green makeup all over my body.

These curtains are actually outside the front door of this home. I love the noose and skeleton arm as tie backs. The rug on the porch is so great. I love to do and see things that are out of their element so to speak. We have a regular fogger but would need a ground fogger for this effect so it could be hidden behind the curtain for added spookiness.

Archie McFees is a great store to find all kinds of stuff. Fake bugs galore for really reasonable prices. An easy way to create this centipede and rotten egg centerpiece.

I’m keeping my eye out for apothecary type glass jars. I love the way they look. So old fashioned and you can store so many lovely treats in them!

I love candles. During the colder fall and winter months I often have then burning along with my fireplace. This is surrounded by figs and blackberries. I don’t think they should be eaten though as the roaches have made a meal of them.

More ideas can be seen here from a post I did last year at this time.


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