>September Wrap Up and October Goals

>I don’t know about you but when we turn the corner in to September I am ready for my “New Year”. A change in the weather and one of my favorite holidays is in October.

Income – $4116.19 (paychecks)
Coffee – $127.67 (up $26.98 and $77.67 over budget)
Eating Out – $36.65 (down $100.65)
Groceries – $397.91 (down $8.81 and $197.91 over budget)
Gas – $152.79 (down $60.30 and $12.79 over budget)
Save $50 ($150 under budget)

The goals we had for September were…

  • Pay off major CC’s from August usage – epic failure
  • Save $200 – nope 1/4 of that
  • Follow grocery ($200), coffee ($50) and gas ($140) budget – epic fail
  • Start working out two more days a week with Wii fit and Jillian Michaels – epic fail
  • Drink at least four glasses of water a day – fail
  • Continue on eating at least five servings of fruits/veggies a day – check
  • Start taking a multi vitimin – fail
  • Finish baseboard molding in main part of house (purchased without using CC’s) – check (and I used power tools to install it too!)
  • Paint living room – fail
  • Install tile on hearth – fail
  • Finish SD’s Tabi Socks for Christmas – check
  • Complete at least five knitted ornaments – completed one
  • Refinance condo – in process

So goals for October….

  • Reduce CC balances by $336 (minimums plus extra)
  • Save $150
  • Follow grocery ($200), coffee ($50) and gas ($140) budget
  • Add one more workout day a week using Wii fit or Jillian Michaels DVD
  • Make better effort on drinking four glasses of water a day
  • Limit coffee (Starbucks) purchases to Sundays only
  • Continue on eating at least five servings of fruits/veggies a day
  • Actually take a daily multi vitimin
  • Paint living room
  • Install tile on hearth & possible mantle
  • Start SS’s fingerless gloves
  • Complete at least three knitted ornaments
  • Finish refinancing condo
  • Blog at least fifteen times this month

What I have discovered with goal setting is that if you don’t have your goals in front of you it’s so easy NOT to achieve them. Every day when I head out to work I have a couple instances when I am tempted to swing in to a Starbucks. Its such a habit I have to make a conscious effort NOT to go. Even when I get to work I can easily walk to a Starbucks for my coffee. I know that if I make it past 11 o’clock I am probably good.

I admit it. I am a coffee snob and I am not a fan of drip which we have in endless supply at work. I do have a couple canisters of flavored international coffees in my desk that I just need to add water too and I have been trying to stick to that instead. Today was the first day of a new month and NO STARBUCKS WAS HAD!


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