>Christmas Planning

>WooHoo! I just ordered this ornament kit from Knit Picks! I think its a pretty reasonable price for 22 hand crafted ornaments. I really wanted to make some for my tree and will, even if I have to buy some extra yarn in the colors I need – I will have the patterns. I figure these will make great “little extras” for gifts this year.

I am trying to be better prepared for Christmas this year. I have already bought two spendy gifts for the kids and am halfway through a pair of socks for SD. I have not been knitting on them because she is here for vacation. I am so busy at work that I have not had much time to knit at lunch and so tired I have not been knitting in the car on the way to work (the hubs and I carpool). Once they go back to their moms I’m sure things will go back to normal and I can take advantage of it.

Tomorrow we are headed to Forks which is in the northwest corner of the state. I have never been there and since the kiddos (and I) have read the Twilight books and seen the movie, and since its practically our back door, we fidured we would make a day of it.


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