>Its Just Hot

>It hit over 100 degrees today in Seattle. We here are not used to these soaring temperatures. Cloud cover and thunder storms are our usual repertoire. Cooling stations have been set up around the city. Air conditioned places like movie houses, malls and hotels are making a killing. You can’t buy a fan or portable AC unit to save your life.

We have been managing pretty well here at chez paisley penguin. A constant temperature of 77 degrees has been achieved with two fans going non stop since Sunday night. Our neighbor leaves her dog at our place during the day so they can stay as cool as possible.

I suppose if we get desperate we can always build a homemade swamp cooler!



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2 responses to “>Its Just Hot

  1. >I have a friend in Seattle who owns a little coffee shop/cafe on Capitol Hill. He's joking about charging extra for the AC, lol! As a former Texas girl, no matter where I live, I would not live in a house without central air. You just never know!

  2. >You can always order an air conditioner online and overnight ship it to be here tomorrow…not that I know from experience or anything. 🙂

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