>In an effort to save on our monthly expenses the hubs and I canceled our extended cable a little over a month ago. Honestly, I have not missed it much – until last week. There is this show I love called Leverage on TNT. Season two started last week. We no longer get the channel its on. I was fine just waiting until I could get it through Netflix.

I had heard people talking about Hulu and decided to check it out. I can watch episodes of TV shows from channels I don’t get anymore. In the case of Leverage I clicked on the link to the TNT website, downloaded their plug in and was able to bring it up full screen on my computer monitor. Until our laptop is up and running I am going to invest in a cord that will allow me to stream from my computer to my TV to watch the TV shows I like.

It really is not that inconvenient to watch TV this way. In fact, since I can watch the episode any time. I don’t have to worry about my schedule if I had TNT and made certain that I was home at 9 PM Wednesday nights to catch it. Not certain how long the episodes stay on or if its commercial free. There is another new show I wanted to watch called Royal Pains and I can only view episodes 3 – 6 on Hulu. Still, beggars can’t be choosers.



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  1. >Hulu is awesome! We have a NetFlix subscription and with it, you can watch shows and movies online. We actually invested in a "roku" so we could watch them on our computer.We don't do to many entertainment type things that cost money (we are more a go to the in-laws pool or to the park types), but we do like to watch TV in the evenings, so we have invested in a few things for that. Much cheaper in the end than going to the movies, that's for sure!On another note, I would LOVE to have you do a guest blog! Just shoot it off to me in an email when you're ready, and please include your blog address with it (I don't want to start confusing which goes with who when they all start rolling in, lol!). I can't wait to see what you come up with! Oh, and here is my email addy: mrsbbradley AT gmail DOT comThanks!!

  2. >Yes, we love our Netflix subscription and we are getting a Roku soon!

  3. >COOL! You mentioned that during our walk last week and I'm glad you were able to make it work. Frugality suits you!! 🙂

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