>IKEA – best place for people on a budget

>The hubs and I started our day decluttering the house a little. We dropped off our donations on the way to our local IKEA.

The people who built our condo decided that, to save money, they would not install overhead lighting in all of the rooms. The bedrooms, and living room – where we spend most of our time – do not have over head lighting. The bedrooms have outlets hardwired to light switches conveniently located near the bedroom doors.

We bought this light fixture today on our trip to IKEA. It gives off a lot of soft white light in our bedroom. We think we will get one for the kids room and something similar for our living room. The price was right too.



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3 responses to “>IKEA – best place for people on a budget

  1. >I have that lamp too (somewhere??)! Bought it many, many, many years ago…glad to see they are still making it!

  2. >Of all the places I've lived, only one of them has had overhead lighting in the living room. Why is that? It can't just be a cost-saving thing.

  3. >Thank heavens my hubby is an electrician and was able to put overhead lighting into my house when we got it! I need overhead lighting!That is an awesome lamp. Very nice lighting for the romantical times, lol!I ❤ IKEA.

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