>Does Jambalaya taste better in Fancy Pants china?

>I am doing something I hope I won’t regret. I am selling my nice red stoneware everyday dishes that I have had for a number of years at a yard sale on Saturday. In their place I will be using the china we received for our wedding over five years ago of which I have used a handful of times.

I am nervous because I really like my china and can’t afford to replace multiple pieces if they get broken. I might have a death wish because I have teenagers. But I certainly would not do this with toddlers or younger children. We live in a small condo and do not have formal dinner parties so owning a set of china for twelve seems a little – outdated.

They are dishwasher safe and we have been using our nice flatware for months now. It makes sense to the practical side of me who doesn’t really understand why she registered for china in the first place. I have also freed up room in my hallway closet for storage of items that don’t have a home.
It’s hard to see in the photo above but the rim is grey with a silver scroll pattern. We chose these because at the time the hubs and I both had china from our grandmothers which ironically went well together and we thought this pattern was nice and would be a good neutral to go with the other china.

We got rid of the other china years ago, right after we sold the china hutch I always wanted and just had to have. Who wouldn’t want a huge glass of ice cold milk in an iced beverage glass like this?

So in answer to the question if Jambalaya really tastes better in fancy pants china? Not really. It still makes me nervous.


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