>Decluttering & Living With Basic Cable

>Decluttering was a success this weekend. I got all of the bags and boxes and stacks of stuff lining the TV wall in the bed room out of the room and sorted. For the most part everything has a home now. There are a few items waiting for their new homes to become available when I hit the next place to declutter. It felt good to get it done and I realize I have to go slow at this or I will end up with a gigantic mess and get too overwhelmed. Baby steps.

The only thing on that wall now is the laundery hamper which I hate and would like to find a better home for it (not to mention a new hamper) but for now it works. I’m just so pleased that when I walk around the foot of the bed to get to my side (cause I’m closest to the wall) I don’t have to navigate all of that clutter.

I didn’t get any more planting done this weekend nor did I start cutting out my outfit to sew. I am saving the sewing for this week. I do want to get my topsy turvy tomato plant done tomorrow night cause I LOVE tomatoes! They go great in salad, bruschetta, sauce or just eating like an apple.

We turned in our cable boxes for both TV’s yesterday. Both the hubs and I had been moving toward this for a long time. This will be a savings of about $35 per month. We have about 40 channels still. One thing I have noticed about cable is sometimes we just sit and surf the directory to see what is on when we could be doing something else like getting outside. We will miss the Sci Fi channel and the A&E and a few others but this will be a good thing. Wa can always go back!

About to go make some dinner and relaxing with a glass of red wine. If you ever get the chance, pick up a bottle of Menage A Trois. I kid you not – it’s great even if the name is a little kinky. If you live in the Seattle area you can pick it up at Fred Meyer for $8.99 a bottle.


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  1. >Congratulations on the decluttering! 🙂 I would love to drop down to basic cable however I just can’t convince DH. I don’t watch very much TV and keep up with the shows I do watch online. Perhaps someday. LOL!

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