>I have too much stuff. It’s amazing how often I walk through my house without seeing the clutter. The pile of stuff behind the couch, the pile of stuff lined up along a bedroom wall, the extra stuff everywhere that I think I will need, was so expensive, was a gift etc.

June is almost upon me and I plan on spending this weekend decluttering. I need to be ruthless. I need to get rid of clothing that doesn’t fit, is worn out or I just don’t wear. I need to turn the fabric I have in a bag in to actual clothing I will wear. I need to post items on Craigslist that I don’t use or want or are just in the way.

I need to spend time with my husband taking the dog to the park, cuddling on the couch or out Geocashing. Watching hours of TV when its nice outside does not get me closer to any of my goals. Living in a cluttered home does not make me feel calm and content.

I need space!

This weekend we will start. We will start saving money by taking the cable boxes to the cable office and exchanging them for the boxes that only allow basic channels. We will start by taking a good hard look at the stuff we have in our home and if its really needed or not. We will start by finding other ways to be entertained without having to resort to watching TV or movies.

June is the first month to the rest of the year.


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  1. >Sounds like a good plan! It’s so easy just to become a couch potato. If it ever stops raining here, I’m with you!

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