>Any Ideas?

>The hubs and I have a flat panel TV mounted to the wall in our bedroom across from our bed. We have a “floating” shelf from IKEA to hold our DVD player and small cable box.

Do you see it? Do you see the thing I hate? Against my beautiful blue walls are all of the cables hanging down to the outlet. It’s so hideous! The only idea I can come up with is buying one of those wire cord cover kits and then paint it to match my walls which would at least make them disappear.

Oh how I wish I were wireless!



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4 responses to “>Any Ideas?

  1. >Have you seen unclutterer.com? I seem to remember articles about hiding cables, but I don’t know if they specifically mention wall-mounted TVs.

  2. >I had one of those painted cord-covers before, and even that bothered me. Could you put a simple cupboard with doors beneath it? Maybe to hold whatever clutter you’ve got behind closed doors and it would hide the cords.

  3. >Sorry, that was me, not Anonymous. The fingers get tired after lots of blog-surfing!

  4. >I can’t stand cables and wires showing, it’s so annoying.. I usually carpet over them

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