>101 Things List Completed


Over the weekend I completed my 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days list. It was actually kind of hard. I did end up going to the day zero website and clicked on other peoples blogs to get inspired. Items in bold I have completed (with the completed date). Items in italic I have started (with dates if appropriate).

There were quite a few things on my list that I realistically didn’t think I could accomplish within the next 1001 days. Some of them were travel related. Because I really want to get to Europe at some point in the next 1001 days. Some of my other out of country travels are on a second 101 things list to be started after this first one.

In all reality, I think the reason for this list and the time deadline is to ensure you actually do some of the things you always think you will do. It will also bring to the forefront things you thought you wanted to accomplish but maybe are not as important to you as you once thought.

In any event, I will be happy if I accomplish a good majority of the items on this list by the end date. If I don’t get to all 101 things that is OK with me. The point is to stop thinking and “just do it”.

1. Vacation in Europe (honeymoon we never had)
2. Write book/screenplay
3. Be debt free (not including condo)
4. Make another film
5. Reach my weight loss goal
6. Take a Caribbean cruise
7. Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras
8. Make my “gypsy” tent
9. Put down a slate floor in bathroom
10. Buy a Mini Cooper S in British Racing Green
11. Learn to rock climb
12. Visit my aunt in Anchorage
13. Finish my Lady E
14. Declutter my house and storage unit
15. Learn how to use power tools
16. Make DVD storage
17. Host a masquerade Halloween party
18. Go to Canada (Whistler) for the 2010 Winter Olympics
19. Learn how to make a perfect Cappuccino
20. Plot my family tree at least four generations back
21. Brew a batch of dark beer
22. Take a digital photography class
23. Learn to bake my own bread
24. Find the perfect recipe for Red Velvet Cake – 2/13/09
25. Take basic web building/html class
26. Teach BJ to roll over
27. Halloween weekend at McMenimans Edgefield Hotel
28. Stonehenge replica at Maryhill
29. Visit Jacksonville, Oregon (home of Bruce Campbell – its a hubs thing)
30. Stay overnight on the Queen Mary
31. Visit Hearst Castle
32. Bungee Jumping
33. Belly dancing classes
34. Stay overnight at San Diego Wild Animal Park
35. Wine tasting weekend in Sonoma
36. Publish a book
37. New vanity in bathroom
38. Finish hearth and mantle in living room
39. Buy a new couch and chairs for living room
40. New counter tops and cabinets in kitchen
41. Build bar for dining room
42. Build a Japanese rock garden
43. Build deck in backyard
44. Buy all basics for my wardrobe
45. Re-Tile (subway tile) shower in bathroom
46. Camping at Baker Lake
47. Complete home inventory
48. Buy two laptops
49. Get rid of computer shelf
50. Frame 48 star flag
51. Refinance condo
52. Visit the Louvre
53. Learn conversational Italian
54. Complete sepia family photo project
55. Plant and harvest herbs and veggies in garden
56. Make homemade jam/jelly
57. Learn to have a conversation with my SS without getting upset about his attitude
58. Hide at least two Geocashes
59. Find at least ten Geocashes
60. Get my dragon tattoo
61. Make a new ethnic dish once a month
62. No cursing for a day (or longer)
63. Get my passport
64. Try the new Absinthe
65. Send cards to friends for no reason
66. Make a time capsule
67. Write out motivational notes and place them in books at the library
68. Read Utopia by Thomas More
69. Blog about each item as its completed
70. Go to at least five concerts (Dropkick Murphey’s 2/23/09)
71. Go to at least five FCC Sounders games
72. Have three months living expenses saved to not be touched
73. Finish wedding scrapbook
74. Get caught up on season four of Weeds
75. Host a mystery dinner party
76. Participate in 26 things photography scavenger hunt
77. Host a scavenger hunt
78. Quit JOB for home business
79. Use good china at least once a month (even if dinner is something simple)
80. Go to a Cougars home football game
81. Host an Oscars party
82. Host a New Years Party
83. Revamp blog layout
84. Have at least 200 blog posts in a year
85. Learn to scuba dive
86. Buy an orchid and keep it alive
87. Volunteer
88. Go cross country skiing
89. Buy 42″ flat screen TV
90. Read Twilight book series – 3/11/09
91. Pay it forward at Starbucks
92. Take dance classes with hubs
93. Learn to make Sushi
94. Go to a broadway show
95. Actually see all of the best nominated films of 2009 before the Oscars
96. Visit Disneyland with the hubs
97. Reread Clive Cussler (Dirk Pitt) series in order
98. Do the Jingle Bell run 2009
99. Eat completely organic and vegetarian for an entire week
100. Have a gourmet picnic in the park with the hubs
101. Start next 101 things list – 3/8/09

Goal end date is Tuesday November 8, 2011. Do you have a 101 Things list?



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3 responses to “>101 Things List Completed

  1. >If you’re interested, the web design class I took was online and you should be able to take it, too. Let me know if you want the information about it. 🙂

  2. >I took a leaf out of your list of things – i love the genealogy, the japanese rock garden (bonsai for me!), & the writing! Good luck with your journey!

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