>Car Update & Stuff

>I have been a bad blogger. Really busy at work and sick.

It snowed this morning and the hubs had to take his BMW in to work. This is not the best car for snow.

I originally thought we would have to park my Subaru for the next five months in order to be able to afford to get it fixed. It turns out the hubs found an Ebay power seller in California with a 100% rating that ships car motors from Japan and sells them in the US.

In Japan every 30 to 40 thousand miles you are required to replace your motor. These motors are still good and get shipped to the states. The company the hubs found completely checks out the motor, power washes it and gives you a one year warranty. For just about half of our tax return we will be able to get this motor within five business days. Between the hubs and his friends they can get it in my car.

I was really having a hard time swallowing paying a car payment and insurance for something that was going to be sitting for five months that we just bought brand new tires for.

The hubs and I went out and bought a space heater over the weekend. For $25 that thing pumps out a lot of heat. I don’t know why we were wasting our money buying wood for the fireplace when we could have just done this. My neighbor has one and she says it really helps with her power bill during the winter.

We are still on track to pay off our two small store credit cards this month. Originally I was going to pay off one of our other credit cards with our tax return. Getting our car fixed is more important. I’m following Dave Ramsey’s advice and putting the rest of the tax return in savings so we can have a $1000 cushion.

I’ve started Snowflaking this month as well. Every time I spend money I round up to the next dollar in my Snowflake column of my excel checkbook. So far we have Snowflaked $11.57 this month. That is not a lot of money but it’s something. We’ll see how it end up at the end of the month



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4 responses to “>Car Update & Stuff

  1. >You’re lucky that The Hubs and his friends can get the motor in the car, we don’t know anybody who can repair a car except for our mechanic!

  2. >Thank goodnes for the help of my mates!! I haven’t done an engine swap in 18 years!!!

  3. >Heh! Your hubby’s a handy chap to have! GREAT news about the engine. Do they really need to replace them every 40,000 miles? That seems insane. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a car without 75,000 on the clock (and most have been 150,000+++)

  4. >wait, they have to replace their motors every 30-40K????? that is insane! My car (a Japanese car) has 200+K on the same motor. Update us on this, ‘k?

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